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August 30, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000

50-year-old woman pedestrian (unemployed living in a homeless shelter) was struck by a turning vehicle in Kane County. She suffered a broken leg which required surgery.

August 30, 2018Robert P. Walsh$250,000

57-year-old dog breeder suffers fractures to her sternum and arm when she is rear-ended by a speeding motorist on I-57 in southern Illinois.

July 20, 2018Robert P Walsh$500,000 (policy limits)

Retired couple injured in an automobile crash in McHenry County. The husband suffered fractured ribs and spleen injury, and wife experienced sustained fractured vertebrae.

July 13, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000

50-year-old police officer suffered a cervical herniated disc, after being struck by a fleeing felon while driving to work at Midway Airport.

July 10, 2018Brad Cosgrove / Chuck Haskins$6.5 million

Plaintiff suffered incomplete cauda equina syndrome, partial bladder and bowel incontinence, left-sided saddle anesthesia and sexual dysfunction after a failure to timely diagnose and treat a recurrent disc herniation resulting in cauda equina syndrome.

June 19, 2018Brad Cosgrove$4.75 million (partial)

48-year-old man gets left arm amputated below the distal aspect of the forearm after negligent treatment and management of left hand/arm swelling and blistering.

June 15, 2018Robert A. Clifford$7.5 million settlement

Plaintiff alleges sexual abuse claims against a social services provider.

June 13, 2018Robert P. Walsh$175,000

19-year-old student suffers corneal abrasion and hyphema (no vision loss claimed) when her car is struck by a left turning motorist in Will County.

June 11, 2018Robert P. Walsh$1.75 million

25-year-old truck driver killed when his truck crashed after colliding with a tire that had become detached from another truck on Interstate 94 in Lake County, Illinois.

June 8, 2018Tracy Brammeier$27.9 million

Family of three individuals who died and sole survivor in a boating incident on Lake Michigan settle state court case against the companies tasked with repairing and managing the motorboat.

June 8, 2018Robert P. Walsh$250,000

55-year-old businesswoman suffers fractured ribs in intersection collision in southwest suburb of Chicago.

May 20, 2018Robert P. Walsh$130,000

Client had a fractured sternum, fractured left wrist, punctured lunch, pneumothorax, contusions (multiple facial), and burns andlaceration after experiencing a motor vehicle accident on eastbound Interstate 80 near Joliet, Illinois.

April 30, 2018Robert P. Walsh$197,500

29-year-old car dealership employee suffers neck injury when he is rear-ended on an expressway in Northern suburbs.

April 3, 2018James C. Pullos$340,000

A pedestrian walking in downtown Chicago was struck by a taxicab while attempting to cross the street and suffered a fractured hip and arm.

March 26, 2018Robert P. Walsh$600,000

29-year-old truck driver suffers fractured vertebrae when his truck is cut off by 22-year-old woman on I-80 in south Suburbs.

March 19, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000

24 year old accountant suffers concussive like symptoms following a rear end accident in Northern suburbs.

March 19, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000

33 year old attorney suffers concussion when vehicle in which she is a passenger is rear-ended on the North side.

February 28, 2018Robert P. Walsh$150,000

73-year-old retiree suffers non-operative fractured pelvis when she is struck by a slow-moving car in the parking lot of a supermarket in the Northern suburbs.

February 26, 2018Robert A. Clifford, Kevin Durkin, Tracy Brammeier$35 million

A 24-year-old woman was severely injured after a truck struck her and dragged her for 60 feet at a Chicago street corner.

February 12, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limits)

63-year-old travel agent suffers fractured hip and elbow when she was struck by a motorist while walking in a parking lot in McHenry County.

February 12, 2018Robert P. Walsh$1,000,000

49-year-old father killed when hit by drag racing motorist in Will County. Daughter was in the passenger seat and suffered multiple contusions and emotional trauma.

February 7, 2018Brad Cosgrove, Chuck Haskins$500,000

29 year-old-veteran with the Evanston Police Department, serving in his capacity as an evidence technician, fell 10-15 feet into an underground electrical services vault after he stepped onto a metal grating system which unexpectedly gave way. Plaintiff experienced a right rotator cuff tear and a partially torn rectus muscle in abdomen.

February 6, 2018Craig Squillace$100,000 (Policy Limits)

Plaintiff sustained fractured hand after being struck by defendant's car.

February 1, 2018Craig Squillace$100,000

Plaintiff suffers lower back injury after being rear-ended.

January 25, 2018Richard F. Burke$200,000

A young man broke his leg when he slipped on ice while exiting from a tavern. The design of the canopy and roof area above the doorway resulted in an unnatural and unsafe pooling of ice and water where patrons were expected to walk.

January 23, 2018Richard F. Burke$135,000

A woman sustained a burn and permanent scar on her wrist from a surgical apparatus that had been recently sterilized, but had not been permitted to sufficiently cool before the start of the arthroscopic wrist surgery.

January 23, 2018Craig Squillace$100,000 (Policy Limits)

Plaintiff sustained torn rotation cuff with surgery after being rear-ended.

January 16, 2018Craig Squillace$125,000

Plaintiff sustained fractured bone in finger and neck after a car hits her.

January 8, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000

47-year-old carpenter suffers broken leg when motorist turn left in front of his motorcycle. Defendant's insurer paid limits and client's underinsured carrier paid their limits as well.

December 21, 2017James C. Pullos$100,000 (Policy limits)

Our client was traveling through an intersection when a motor vehicle attempted a left turn causing a collision. As a result, our client was thrown a distance and suffered a fractured hip, leg, and arm.

December 15, 2017Brad Cosgrove$905,000

Plaintiff, traveling towards downtown Chicago on I-290, was struck by a medical transportation van and killed while receiving a battery jump from an IDOT vehicle, who had its emergency lights activated.

November 30, 2017Craig Squillace$100,00 (Policy Limits)

57-year-old woman suffers torn rotation cuff when she is rear-ended by the defendant.

November 28, 2017Robert P. Walsh$200,000 Policy limits Settlements ($100k each)

35-year-old caregiver suffers broken neck when he is struck head-on in Will County. Defendant's insurer paid policy limits. His 25-year-old passenger suffers a concussion and bruises to her forehead.

November 28, 2017Craig Squillace$200,000

A 60-year-old woman re-injures a torn rotation cuff after a fall at a store.

November 20, 2017Bradley M. Cosgrove$3 million

52-year-old man who died from a pulmonary embolism 50 days after undergoing leg surgery at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital

October 13, 2017James C. Pullos$100,000 (Policy limits)

Motorcyclist was driving when an auto vehicle bolted in front of him causing a collision. Motorcyclist suffered a fractured arm and leg.

October 2, 2017Robert Walsh$1.5 million

54-year-old iron worker suffers rotator cuff injuries requiring surgeries when he was rear-ended by a tow truck in South Suburbs.

September 28, 2017Robert A. Clifford$1,400,000

Husband and wife suffered multiple orthopedic and scarring injuries when struck by car in crosswalk in Arlington Heights.

September 20, 2017Bradley M. Cosgrove$4.5 Million42-year-old woman suffers permanent and debilitating injuries when a metal door closer at a Wells Fargo branch office became detached and struck her in the head.
September 15, 2017Robert P. Walsh, James Pullos$450,00056-year-old retiree and his 19-year-old son, a student, were rear-ended in Will County. Each suffered neck and shoulder injuries.
September 5, 2017Tracy A. Brammeier$450,000Woman walking on lakefront trail struck by bicyclist. Sustained fractured skull, scapula and thumb. Permanent loss of taste and smell.
September 1, 2017Robert P. Walsh$390,068.6234-year-old I.T. rep suffers C6 fracture (broken neck) when his car is struck by a turning motorist in Northwest suburbs.
August 30, 2017Robert P. Walsh$300,00046-year-old restaurant manager suffers herniated disc in his neck as a result of an intersection Accident in Northwest Suburbs.
August 28, 2017Robert P. Walsh$2.25 million49-year-old elevator mechanic suffers below the left knee amputation and multiple fractures when retired school teacher turns left in front of him on rural Kendall County Road.
August 22, 2017Richard F. Burke$121,000A 50-year-old man sustained a broken leg when an intoxicated woman with limited insurance coverage ran a red light and crashed into his car.
August 14, 2017Robert P. Walsh$255,000Elderly couple sustains fractured pelvis and femur in intersection Accident in Northwest Indiana.
June 30, 2017Richard F. Burke, Jr.$565,00027-year-old woman sustains right orbital fracture and multiple rib fractures after a condo water tank falls from the top of the building and crashes to the ground near her, expelling a torrent of water and debris that swept her through a parking lot.
June 27, 2017Shannon McNulty$399,000Obtained a settlement at start of trial for an on-duty Chicago Police detective whose vehicle was struck by a delivery truck as the police vehicle proceeded through the intersection.
June 27, 2017Robert P. Walsh$250,000Vehicle exiting Chicago hotel strikes cab injuring passenger 28-year-old financial analyst.
June 1, 2017Craig J. Squillace$130,000Nursing agency negligently left handrails down on bed and 81-year-old woman falls out and dies a day later.
May 31, 2017Sarah F. King$2.1 millionChicago hospital fails to timely diagnose and treat a 43-year-old woman for a bacterial infection that previous tests indicated was present, leading the patient to suffer a bacterial infection of the heart and embolic strokes.
May 18, 2017Craig J. Squillace$100,000 (policy limits)Car crosses center line and strikes 36-year-old teacher who suffers fractured hip.
May 15, 2017Robert P. Walsh$100,000

51-year-old traveling salesman sustains contusions and low back strain when he is struck by a taxi while walking toward the rental car shuttle at O'Hare Airport.

April 24, 2017Bradley M. Cosgrove$550,000

Wrongful death of a 58-year-old man with history of apnea in hospital for severe back pain and his respiratory status was not properly monitored, recognized or managed (settlement with primary care physician; hospital and neurosurgeon previously settled).

April 24, 2017Robert P. Walsh$325,00043-year-old woman suffers concussion when turning truck collides into her vehicle in northern suburb of Chicago.
April 21, 2017Bradley M. Cosgrove$940,000

A then eight-year-old girl who sustained injuries to her right thumb due to a dog bite after she was asked to help a veterinary employee capture a runaway animal.

April 3, 2017Craig J. Squillace$100,000 (policy limits)24-year-old nurse sustains herniated disk to neck requiring surgery after being rear-ended.
March 30, 2017Susan A. Capra$350,000Failure to diagnose and treat stroke.
March 23, 2017Robert P. Walsh$150,000 (partial)49-year-old businessman killed when hit by drag racing motorist in Will County.
March 22, 2017Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1.75 million63-year-old man injured by negligent bowel surgery and post-operative care.
March 14, 2017Richard F. Burke Jr.$2.85 million45-year-old man lost part of his leg after it was crushed due to the unsafe design of a large piece of industrial equipment used in a Chicago manufacturing plant.
March 13, 2017Kevin P. Durkin$350,000Cab driver loading passenger in O'Hare Airport is struck in rear by another cab and sustains leg injuries.
March 7, 2017Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)Uninsured motorist strikes 32-year-old waitress in car and she suffers fractured leg.
March 6, 2017Robert P. Walsh$125,000Vehicle in western suburbs rear ends 38-year-old woman who sustains neck and back sprains.
March 1, 2017Sarah F. King$1.1 million (partial)Heart injury and stroke in 45-year-old woman from failure to diagnose and treat heart infection.
February 28, 2017Hon. Henry R. Simmons (Ret.)$150,000Medical malpractice involving treatment of dislocated hip.
February 21, 2017Kevin P. Durkin, Tracy A. Brammeier$200,000 (policy limits)Husband and wife on motorcycle are struck by car that ran red light; each sustained legal injuries.
February 14, 2017Craig J. Squillace$100,000Driver makes left-hand turn in front of 78-year-old man who falls and suffers bruising contusion and dizziness.
February 2, 2017Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$950,000Brain injury to 33-year-old man from lack of oxygen due to delay in intubation.
January 29, 2017Kevin P. Durkin$5 millionMale passenger aboard helicopter dies when it crashes in Lee County, Illinois.
January 13, 2017Robert P. Walsh$685,00028-year-old surgical nurse walking her dog on Chicago's north side is struck by an armored truck and suffers Lisfranc dislocation injury to her foot.
January 5, 2017Kevin P. Durkin$200,000Car runs a red light striking two people on a motorcycle; they sustain orthopedic injuries.
January 3, 2017Susan A. Capra$750,000Death of 21-year-old woman from failure to diagnose and treat -re-eclampsia during labor.
January 3, 2017Robert P. Walsh$130,00026-year-old accountant suffers fractured leg when she is hit as a pedestrian in Gold Coast neighborhood by 19 year-old driver from Tennessee.
December 22, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$100,000Motorcyclist sustains lower extremity orthopedic injuries after being struck by car.
December 20, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$670,000

Woman passenger in struck by Village of Skokie garbage truck resulting in her death.

December 16, 2016Robert P. Walsh$225,000Five people in vehicle are rear-ended and sustain various neck, back and facial injuries.
December 15, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,00082-year-old pedestrian suffers skull fracture when he was struck by 89 year old.
December 8, 2016Robert P. Walsh$150,00010-year-old boy on bicycle suffers non-displaced fractured tibia when he collides with a bus in Lake County.
December 5, 2016Robert A. Clifford$450,00014-year-old develops permanent, daily headaches when she's given prescription with incorrect dosage by Walgreen's pharmacist.
December 1, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1 million24-year-old motorcyclist on his way to work in DuPage County sustains multiple fractures (shoulders, skull, wrist, hip, knees, foot) when he collides with left-turning motorist.
November 18, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen/Sarah F. King$2.5 million64-year-old man dies from respiratory arrest after spine surgery.
November 18, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$1.4 millionMan's car is disabled from Accident and as he is sitting in the back of Illinois State Police car on I-290, defendant strikes back of police car, killing him.
November 11, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$6 million

Woman dies in helicopter crash in Lee County, Illinois.

November 11, 2016Robert P. Walsh$102,000Elderly couple hit head-on by 17 year-old girl in Wisconsin; wife suffers broken toe and chest contusion; husband suffers contusions.
November 11, 2016Bradley M. Cosgrove$850,000Chicago hospital applies cast too tightly to patient's leg resulting in compartment syndrome which is not timely diagnosed.
October 31, 2016Craig J. Squillace$105,21045-year-old man loses big toe after defendant backs his vehicle over plaintiff's foot.
October 27, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$350,000Plaintiff driver suffers broken wrist when her car is struck by another driver who fails to yield.
October 25, 2016Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan M. Capra, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$1.675 millionWoman suffers cognitive impairment after doctors fail to diagnose and treat pulmonary embolism; case settles day before closing argument.
October 21, 2016Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan M. Capra, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$3.5 millionFailure to work up chest pain and ischemic heart disease results in cardiac arrest of patient and death two days after emergency room admission.
October 21, 2016Robert A. Clifford$7.143 million (partial)35-year-old male killed in plane crash, leaving wife and two minor children.
October 20, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1 millionLeft-turning motorist causes 24-year-old motorcyclist multiple fractures as he is on his way to work in DuPage County.
October 11, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$860,000Premises liability case in DuPage County involving 47-year-old male with a fractured ankle.
October 11, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)55-year-old cake decorator suffered fractured ankle and her 64-year-old husband sustained soft tissue injuries when their car was hit on the Stevenson Expressway.
October 11, 2016Sarah F. King$310,00037-year-old woman suffers bile duct injury during gallbladder surgery.
October 5, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen/Sarah F. King$3.3 million52-year-old man dies from negligent overdose of medication while in hospital.
October 2, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen$175,00021-year-old woman injured during epidural procedure.
September 30, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1 million (policy limits)58-year-old plumber's car skids into guardrail in snowy conditions on Skyway; he is struck after he gets out to investigate; survived by four adult daughters.
September 21, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$100,000 (policy limits)Woman's car is disabled on the shoulder of the road and she is struck by a vehicle going off the road; she sustains orthopedic injuries.
August 29, 2016Craig J. Squillace$250,000 (policy limits)Intoxicated driver made a left turn in front of vehicle of 25-year-old married couple in Kankakee County resulting in a C-2 fracture of the wife and muscular injuries of the husband.
August 19, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$105,000Plaintiff minor sustains compression injury at unprotected construction site.
August 17, 2016Robert P. Walsh$250,000 (policy limits)13-year-old girl struck by an uninsured motorist in a suburban parking lot suffers broken leg.
August 12, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$310,000Bicyclist struck by driver making left turn resulting in concussion, knee injury and meniscus tear.
August 10, 2016Robert P. Walsh$130,000 (two policy limits)26-year-old accountant/pedestrian suffers fractured leg when she is hit in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood by driver from Tennessee.
August 2, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$2.05 millionClient sustains ankle fracture requiring two surgeries after school bus crosses center line and strikes plaintiff's car head on.
August 2, 2016Susan A. Capra$1.3 million75-year-old man injured during bowel surgery.
August 1, 2016Craig J. Squillace$100,000 (policy limits)24-year-old runner fractures pelvis when struck from behind by cyclist on Lake Shore Drive bike path.
July 25, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr$100,000 (policy limits)Middle-aged man killed when struck by slow-moving car in multi-lane intersection.
July 25, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr./Robert A. Clifford$1.3 millionWoman helping out in a restaurant sustains significant burn injuries when a poorly maintained oven explodes and causes a flash fire.
July 19, 2016Robert A. Clifford/Susan A. Capra/Sean P. Driscoll$425,00081-year-old female dies after developing an infection following exploratory laparotomy procedure.
July 15, 2016Bradley M. Cosgrove/Sarah F. King$150,000Surgeon lacerated patient's right median nerve during carpal tunnel release surgery causing him to experience numbness, weakness and dysfunction in his right hand despite attempted surgical repair.
June 28, 2016Robert A. Clifford/Shannon M. McNulty$16.5 million69-year-old former coach and high school teacher is erroneously prescribed incorrect dosage of long-acting insulin following heart transplant and suffers hypoglycemia-induced encephalopathy and cognitive diminishment requiring life-long care.
June 20, 2016Robert A. Clifford$7 million28-year-old construction worker killed in Tennessee when struck by semi-tractor trailer in a construction zone; leaves a wife and two small children.
June 16, 2016Shannon M. McNulty$220,000

Bake shop worker slipped on freezer floor that was installed with an inadequate slip resistant coating.

June 7, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)37-year-old man with special needs is struck by car and killed while walking across a busy intersection at night.
June 4, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (two policy limits)47-year-old nurse suffers rotator cuff injury when she is hit by car on icy roadway in DuPage County.
June 3, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)52-year-old businessman is a passenger in co-workers car when it is sideswiped in Houston, aggravating a prior back condition
June 1, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen, Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$7.75 million (verdict)Neurosurgeon fails to recognize 56-year-old man's previous heart issues and is cleared for spinal surgery; man dies from cardiac issues.
May 27, 2016Robert P. Walsh$150,00010-year-old boy riding his bike in Lake County collides with bus and suffers non-displaced fractured tibia.
May 20, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr.$500,00014-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy broke his leg when uneven slabs of pavement caused him to fall as he was entering a medical building for a doctor's appointment.
May 17, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr.$230,000Residential backyard deck collapses during party causing back injuries to 60-year-old man and his wife.
May 14, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (partial)45-year-old marine biologist suffers a concussion and soft tissue neck injury when he is rear-ended in South Suburbs.
May 10, 2016Shannon M. McNulty, Robert A. Clifford$6.5 millionWrongful death of a 35 year old husband and father after a failure to timely diagnose an aortic dissection, failure to administer a CT scan, and a failure to observe and follow up on abnormal findings present on chest x-ray administered in emergency room.
April 12, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$5 millionPassenger is killed aboard helicopter that crashes
April 12, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)52-year-old motorcyclist suffers below-the-knee amputation when elderly woman crosses centerline and strikes him.
March 22, 2016Craig J. Squillace$240,00074-year-old man suffers a C2-C3 fracture in car Accident and dies eight days after surgery.
March 9, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra, Sarah F. King$3.95 million49-year-old man dies in hospital from undiagnosed pulmonary embolism.
March 8, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,00056-year-old attorney/passenger in cab that turns into driveway and is struck by another vehicle; passenger suffers concussion and soft tissue injuries.
March 7, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)67-year-old security guard suffers multiple fractures when oncoming motorist crosses center line after medical event
March 2, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)55-year-old cake decorator suffers fractured ankle and her 64-year-old husband sustains soft tissue injuries when their car hit on Stevenson Expressway

February 17, 2016

Keith A. Hebeisen

$1.015 million

40-year-old woman has heart perforated during interventional cardiac procedure.

February 11, 2016Robert P. Walsh$305,000

81-year-old woman crossing mid-block on Chicago street in pre-dawn hours is struck and killed by motorist

February 10, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,00028-year-old music instructor suffers broken arm in car collision at DuPage County intersection
February 7, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1.18 million25-year-old killed when industrial machine lowered on him during repair with manufacturer paying policy limits
February 5, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limit)20-year-old college student fractures hand when car is struck in which he is a passenger
February 3, 2016Robert P. Walsh$500,00018 year old assisting a stalled motorist in McHenry County sustains fractured legs when he is struck by drunk driver on the side of the road
January 21, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$6 millionPassenger killed in helicopter crash in Illinois.
January 7, 2016Robert P. Walsh$250,000 (policy limit)13-year-old girl struck by an uninsured motorist in parking lot suffers broken leg.
January 6, 2016Robert P. Walsh$900,00077-year-old man and his 48-year-old son suffer spinal fractures when they are struck in their vehicle head-on by a pickup truck in Chicago's western suburbs.
January 5, 2016Robert P. Walsh$100,00034-year-old firefighter suffers shoulder injury when a car crashes into his house injuring him on his sofa on Chicago's south side
January 4, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$750,00031-year-old pregnant woman dies from failure to diagnose preeclampsia.
December 11, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$950,000Attorneys at Clifford Law Offices obtained a record verdict in Ford County in a medical malpractice case.
November 12, 2015Craig Squillace$4 million settlementSettlement on behalf of a 60-year-old woman who was killed when her vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer truck on I-80
November 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$315,00052-year-old store manager suffers fracture to her pelvis when her car is hit by driver who runs red light in DuPage County.
November 4, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove$8.25 millionVerdict against a Chicago hospital on behalf of a family who lost their father and husband due to negligence following a total knee replacement surgery.
October 15, 2015Robert A. Clifford, Bradley M. Cosgrove$20 million settlementSettlement for a man who was severely injured when a tractor carrying hazardous materials t-boned his vehicle.
October 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)48-year-old office manager suffers fractured ankle when hit by vehicle as a pedestrian
October 8, 2015Craig J. Squillace$237,50043-year-old man suffers torn labrum when he is rear-ended in vehicle.
October 4, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)43-year-old therapist suffers multiple injuries as passenger in car crash on Lake Shore Drive
October 1, 2015Shannon M. McNulty$2,900,000Fatal stabbing of high school student by a fellow student while entering a charter school.
August 31, 2015Robert P. Walsh$225,00083-year-old retiree breaks his wrist after falling when a neighbor's dog lunges at him as he walked his dog.
August 24, 2015Craig J. Squillace$240,000 (Policy Limit)74-year-old man suffers spine fracture and dies eight days after surgery following an auto crash
August 23, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)50-year-old dies as a result of vehicle crash in Lake County
August 20, 2015Robert P. Walsh$1 million (policy limits)62-year-old truck driver and husband killed on I-55 in Will County
August 18, 2015Shannon M. McNulty$2.9 millionWrongful death case of student fatally stabbed by another student
August 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$700,00020-year-old mechanic collides with a truck that was pulling onto a frontage road in Chicago's northern suburbs mechanic suffering knee and shoulder injuries requiring surgery.
August 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$700,000Beer truck pulling out onto frontage road in Chicago's northern suburbs strikes a 20-year-old mechanic on motorcycle who sustains knee and shoulder injury requiring surgery
August 11, 2015Craig J. Squillace$137,50062-year-old female pedestrian suffers fractured tibia when she is struck by vehicle backing out of parking spot
July 30, 2015Robert A. Clifford$1 Million (Policy Limit)65-year-old wife and mother of three killed in automobile crash in St. Charles, Illinois.
July 23, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)50-year-old importer dies as a result of injuries sustained in motor vehicle crash in Lake County.
July 1, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)54-year-old plumber suffers concussion when he is hit by another vehicle on I-94 in Lake County.
June 30, 2015Robert A. Clifford$7 Million29-year-old husband and father of two minor children is worker on construction worker; killed by semi tractor-trailer in construction zone in rural Tennessee.
June 25, 2015Craig J. Squillace$650,00051-year-old woman develops complex regional pain syndrome when a pallet of turkeys is dropped on her right foot.
June 19, 2015Craig J. Squillace$138,19740-year-old woman suffers muscular injury to lower back when she is rear-ended by defendant at a low rate of speed.
June 17, 2015Robert P. Walsh$170,00020-year-old student suffers aggravation of pre-existing neck injury in three-vehicle crash on I-65 in southern Indiana.
June 16, 2015Sean P. Driscoll$100,000Woman sustains calcaneus fracture when walking down auto dealership ramp.
June 7, 2015Robert P. Walsh$317,521 (Policy Limit)46-year-old woman passenger killed when husband loses control of vehicle in southern Indiana.
June 3, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,00042-year-old mechanic suffers aggravation of chronic back pain when he is rear-ended by defendant while stopped on his motorcycle in DuPage County.
April 29, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen$1 MillionMisplacement of intra-ocular lens in both eyes during man's cataract surgery.
April 27, 2015Sean P. Driscoll$208,000Man is injured when rear-ended in vehicle collision.
April 24, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King, Susan A. Capra$1.35 MillionPatient suffered a stroke due to the failure to diagnose and treat a damaged heart valve.
April 20, 2015Robert A. Clifford$100,000 (Policy Limit)67-year-old male involved in motor vehicle collision suffers multiple injuries including torn ligament in thumb, cut to lower lip and bruising to his body.
April 19, 2015Craig J. Squillace$702,00011-year-old girl suffers facial scar when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by a construction vehicle.
April 2, 2015Robert P. Walsh$147,50051-year-old woman suffers laceration above eyebrow when car in which she is a passenger is struck by left-turning defendant in Lake County.
March 30, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$2,500,000 Settlement73 year old man commits suicide in a Chicagoland Hospital, as a result of the hospital's negligence in supervising the patient while on suicide watch.
March 30, 2015Robert P. Walsh$350,000Attorney is rear-ended on expressway suffering an aggravation of a previous herniated disc and requiring surgery.
March 27, 2015Sean P. Driscoll$1.3 MillionFather of one is negligently killed while riding his motorcycle in Indiana.
March 27, 2015Sean P. Driscoll$1.07 MillionConstruction worker sustains ankle fracture while working on job site.
March 26, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen$1 MillionMan whose glaucoma went undiagnosed and untreated.
March 9, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$1,820,000 Settlement33 year old mother commits suicide as a result of the negligent mental health treatment of post-partum psychosis.
March 3, 2015Craig J. Squillace$110,00069-year old woman trips on mat as she was exiting store and injured her left shoulder and back.
March 3, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)34-year-old research chemist suffers broken leg when his motorcycle is sideswiped on the Reagan Expressway in DuPage County
February 23, 2015Craig J. Squillace$700,00011 year-old girl suffers facial laceration and scar when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by a construction vehicle.
February 19, 2015Craig J. Squillace$296,00042- year-old woman sustained a torn rotator cuff when the vehicle she was operating was rear-ended by defendant driver who was working for the US Fish and Wildlife Services
February 19, 2015Robert P. Walsh$210,00070-year-old "cognitively delayed" woman suffers broken leg when struck by a rental car while crossing street mid-block on Chicago's North Side
February 13, 2015Robert P. Walsh$200,00048-year-old furniture maker is struck by a hit-and-run motorist while crossing street on near west side of Chicago and suffers a broken leg and neck injury.
February 13, 2015Robert P. Walsh$123,500 (Policy Limit)51-year-old bakery worker and her 20-year-old son were injured while turning left in McHenry County; Mom suffered fractured hand and son suffered a concussion.
February 11, 2015Sean P. Driscoll$185,000Family is rear-ended on Thanksgiving on Lake Shore Drive and suffers injuries.
February 10, 2015Craig J. Squillace$105,00021-year old male passenger suffered fractured hand when vehicle he was in lost control and drove off side of the road
February 5, 2015Robert A. Clifford$100,000 (Policy Limit)43-year-old female in motor vehicle collision suffers multiple injuries, including fractured collar bone and ruptured diaphragm.
January 23, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King, Susan A. Capra$6 MillionFailure to timely deliver a baby by C-section in the face of non-reassuring fetal monitoring tracings.
January 22, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$3,157,815.77 Settlement65 year old man loses leg after negligent treatment and management of ulcerated foot.
January 6, 2015Robert P. Walsh$125,00069-year-old retired teacher suffers non-operative fracture to her ankle when her car is struck by a transport van in northern suburbs of Chicago
December 18, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$200,000Patient sustains a burn to his thigh during a surgical procedure
December 9, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$675,000 Settlement28 year old sign painter was electrocuted while painting a billboard due to employer, billboard owner and electrical company's negligence.
December 1, 2014Kevin P. Durkin$1.6 million settlement28-year-old female struck dragged and run over by a CTA bus suffers crushing injuries to her left elbow, hand, wrist, leg right hip and permanent psychological injury
November 22, 2014Robert P. Walsh$250,00029 year-old salesperson was 36 weeks pregnant when she was rear-ended on Lake Shore Drive causing fetal heart decelerations which necessitated premature C-section
November 21, 2014Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$3 MillionFamily of a 16-year-old boy who died from complications during spinal surgery.
November 19, 2014Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)34-year-old research chemist suffers broken leg when his motorcycle is sideswiped on the Reagan Expressway in DuPage County.
November 13, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$500,000 Settlement38-year-old woman, suffered injury to spinal accessory nerve during lymph node biopsy causing muscle atrophy, weakness and disfigurement.
November 13, 2014Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)49-year-old nurse suffers back injury when car in which she is a passenger is rear-ended on Kennedy Expressway.
October 31, 2014Robert P. Walsh$100,00019-year-old waitress was traveling westbound on 119th Street when defendant pulled out in front of her; she sustained eye injuries from air bag
October 8, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$250,000 SettlementA 72 year old woman's primary care doctor failed to follow up on a CT scan, which lead to surgical removal of her left kidney.
July 22, 2014Robert P. Walsh$100,00042-year-old contractor suffers herniated disk in low back and rotator cuff injury after being rear-ended in DuPage County
June 12, 2014Robert P. Walsh$187,50014-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl suffered injuries when a tractor-trailer truck lost control striking them as it crashed into a CTA station in Chinatown
April 1, 2014Craig J. Squillace$200,00045-year-old man sustained torn rotator cuff when the vehicle he was in was T-boned by defendant at intersection
March 3, 2014Sean P. Driscoll$1,000,000 Settlement87-year-old female sustained cervical injuries and eventually died after truck made left-hand turn in front of car she was a passenger in
March 3, 2014Robert A. Clifford$100,000 Settlement (Policy Limit)24-year-old woman struck and killed by vehicle while crossing the street
February 27, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$2.75 Million VerdictBradley Cosgrove obtained a $2.75 million near record settlement in a medial malpractice case in DeKalb County.
February 20, 2014Robert P. Walsh$195,000 Settlement24-year-old salesman killed in a motorcycle Accident
February 6, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$2,750,000 Partial Settlement45 year old male, survived by his wife and two minor children, presented to hospital with complaints of back and bilateral leg pain with swelling. Physicians failed to diagnose and treat a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus which ultimately led to this death.
July 28, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$250,000 Partial Settlement23 year old male suffers from failed laparoscopic gallbladder surgery which resulted in a blocked bile duct causing peritonitis and injury.
July 25, 2014Keith A. Hebeisen, Kenneth C. Chessick, M.D.$700,000woman suffers injury to nerve in arm during knee surgery
July 1, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$4,000,000 Verdict51 year old male died from be hypoxia, obstruction of airway, hematoma following a carotid endarterectomy when the nursing staff failed to contact a physician to report signs and symptoms of a post-operative hematoma.
June 19, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$4 Million VerdictFor the third time in six months, Bradley Cosgrove, partner at Clifford Law Offices, has obtained a verdict for a victim of medical malpractice.
June 16, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$500,00050-year-old male dies within 24 hours from negligent and inadequate treatment of severe abdominal pain from a bowel obstruction, severe dehydration, hypokalemia, hyponatremia that led to a cardiac arrhythmia
June 4, 2014Keith A. Hebeisen$1.8 MillionMan suffers an intra-operative stroke.
April 19, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$14 Million VerdictBradley M. Cosgrove, partner at Clifford Law Offices, obtained a $14 million verdict on behalf of a 37-year-old Chicago woman.
March 20, 2014Robert P. Walsh$320,00051 year old project manager suffers fractured foot and knee when her car is, struck by left turning motorist in Northwest suburbs
March 3, 2014Sean P. Driscoll$1,000,000 Settlement87-year-old female sustained cervical injuries and eventually died after truck made left-hand turn in front of car she was a passenger in
March 3, 2014Robert A. Clifford$100,000 Settlement (Policy Limit)24-year-old woman struck and killed by vehicle while crossing the street
February 20, 2014Robert P. Walsh$195,000 Settlement24-year-old salesman killed in a motorcycle Accident
November 22, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$15,550,000 Verdict33-year-old woman dies after cesarean section due to massive bleeding caused by doctors' negligence in failing to diagnose and properly treat placenta abnormality
November 20, 2013Bradley M. Cosgrove$885,000 Verdict69-year-old man suffers a ruptured appendix due to a doctor's negligence
October 15, 2013Craig J. Squillace$205,000 Settlement84-year-old man dies after falling onto the ground as he was descending from a bus
September 27, 2013Robert A. Clifford$425,000 SettlementHome health care worker suffers nerve damage and scarring on arm when bit by a dog owned by her elderly client
September 25, 2013Kristofer S. Riddle, Richard F. Burke, Jr.$120,000 Settlement27-year-old female sustained a broken jaw as the result of an altercation outside of a downtown nightclub
September 23, 2013Robert A. Clifford$825,000 Settlement41-year-old male suffers back injuries and loses spleen after being struck in an intersection by a medical transport van that ran a red light
August 29, 2013Robert P. Walsh$142,500 Settlement19-year-old woman suffers laceration when she slipped in a downstate gas station bathroom.
August 28, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford, Susan A. Capra$3,000,000 SettlementHospital's negligence in failing to properly and timely treat mother's neurological condition results in stroke and severe brain damage
August 27, 2013Robert P. Walsh$250,000 Settlement31-year-old office worker suffers aggravation of her pre-existing shoulder condition in rear-end collision in northwest suburbs
August 16, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Partial SettlementInsurance carrier pays policy limits to 47-year-old hairdresser who suffers broken vertebrae in her low back when she is hit head on by a motorist on an icy road in rural Will County
July 24, 2013Kevin P. Durkin, Sean P. Driscoll$4,100,000 Settlement63 year-old woman sustains brain injury and fractured shoulder after being struck by garbage truck in cross walk on the north side of Chicago
July 16, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement36-year-old pricing supervisor is t-boned by a school bus and 17 days later, she is diagnosed with post-traumatic headaches
June 30, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement80-year-old retiree fractures his leg when struck by a turning motorist on the Northwest side of Chicago; policy limits paid.
June 16, 2013Richard F. Burke, Jr.$354,000 SettlementTwo passengers in an airport van sustained back injuries from multi-vehicle collision
June 6, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement33-year-old psychotherapist suffers a concussion and a lung contusion when his car is hit head-on by a drunk driver in the northwest suburbs
May 21, 2013Robert P. Walsh$287,690 Arbitration Award45-year-old VP of sales is rear-ended by an uninsured motorist who flees the scene, runs into traffic and is killed; injured driver suffers neck injury which may require surgery.
May 17, 2013Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$5,750,000 Settlement36-year-old man is left wheelchair bound after being struck by a commercial truck after he attempts to cross street mid-block near O'Hare International Airport.
April 2, 2013Sean P. Driscoll$142,000 SettlementFamily of four struck by car in crosswalk in Chicago; mom suffers head injury and husband and two children suffer contusions
April 2, 2013Robert P. Walsh$400,000 Settlement58-year-old salesman suffers fractured foot when he is struck by a car in a parking lot in upstate New York
April 2, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement51-year-old project manager suffers fractured foot and knee when her car is struck by left-turning motorist in northwest suburbs of Chicago
April 1, 2013Craig J. Squillace$325,000 SettlementDriver struck from rear by a motorist and sustains serious neck injury requiring surgery
March 19, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$3,200,000 Settlement54-year-old woman suffers severe and permanent brain injury during routine same-day eye surgery
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$750,000 SettlementPhysician failed to administer anti-coagulating therapy to a 75-year-old administrative assistant who suffered massive stroke leading to her death
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement18-year-old motorcyclist was killed when he was struck by a 19-year-old motorist in Will County
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$365,000 SettlementTelecommunications driver in van collides into car at Lake County intersection; 54-year-old interior designer suffers fractured pelvis and neck pain, and her 58-year-old insurance executive husband suffers multiple contusions
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$185,000 Settlement64-year-old retiree from Michigan suffers an aggravation to her pre-existing back condition when the car she is riding in is hit by a left-turning motorist in the northern suburbs
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$210,000 Settlement83-year-old passenger suffers non-displaced fracture to her pelvis when bus comes to a sudden halt and she falls to the floor
March 17, 2013Robert A. Clifford$125,000 Settlement56-year-old woman struck by car while walking in a crosswalk on Chicago's north side resulting in concussion and soft tissue injuries
February 28, 2013Robert A. Clifford$525,000 Settlement34-year-old man struck by turning car while walking in crosswalk resulting in severe concussion and soft tissue injuries
February 25, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$3,355,000 SettlementYoung mother of three dies after antibiotic treatment for sepsis delayed until it was too late
February 15, 2013Sean P. Driscoll$375,000 SettlementMan injured by falling glass from high-rise window on unprotected public sidewalk in the Loop
February 6, 2013Craig J. Squillace$730,000 SettlementCollege student sustained injuries to his neck at a fraternity rush event requiring surgery.
January 29, 2013Craig J. Squillace$100,000 Settlement60-year-old woman in the crosswalk injures her shoulder and arm when she was struck by a motor vehicle
January 21, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford, Susan A. Capra$2,750,000 Settlement66-year-old wife and mother of three adult children dies during surgery due to uncontrolled bleeding that went unrecognized by medical personnel in the OR
January 15, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King, Susan A. Capra$1,900,000 Settlementmedical negligence for the failure to properly monitor delivery of newborn boy and failure to perform a C-section resulting in stillborn
November 16, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$8,100,000 SettlementFailure to timely diagnose fetal distress and perform C-section causes cerebral palsy in newborn
November 7, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,850,000 SettlementMedical negligence action alleging Defendants' failure to timely perform a caesarean section in lieu of a vaginal birth, resulting in a permanent brachial plexus injury to the minor
October 24, 2012Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$11,400,000 Settlement57-year-old mechanic suffers catastrophic orthopedic injuries and internal injuries when he is run over by a tractor-trailer while performing repairs to marker lights on the trailer in an area of the railroad yard designated by the railroad to conduct such repairs
August 29, 2012Robert P. Walsh$292,500 Settlement21-year-old college student suffers multiple fractures in head-on collision with drunk driver in Lake County.
July 17, 2012Robert A. Clifford$285,000 Settlement29-year-old electrician suffers severe electrical burns to both hands while working on an electrical cabinet that was not supposed to be energized.
July 10, 2012Robert P. Walsh$275,000 (policy limit) Settlement23-year-old event planner suffers fractured foot in car crash in Prospect Heights.
June 15, 2012Robert P. Walsh$201,000 Settlement57-year-old retired school teacher suffers fractured jaw when she is hit by a negligent driver making a left-hand turn on Chicago's north side.
June 11, 2012Shannon M. McNulty$156,633 SettlementDriver rear ended in collision at shopping mall results in herniation of disks in back.
May 24, 2012Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 SettlementWrongful death of 21-year-old single male from Latvia who was killed when the mini-van he was driving was struck by a semi tractor-trailer combination near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He left surviving him, his mother, father and adult sister who all live in Latvia.
May 21, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen$8,500,000 Settlementdefendants failed to timely diagnose and treat blood infection, resulting in severe and permanent damage to child's heart and brain
May 4, 2012Shannon M. McNulty$1,750,000 (Canadian) SettlementTwo police officers suffered fatal injuries when their professionally guided boat capsized while on a hunting expedition in Canada.
May 4, 2012Robert A. Clifford$1,700,000 Settlement45-year-old woman undergoes amputation of right leg as a result of physicians failing to timely treat blood clots.
April 27, 2012Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$132,200 SettlementPatients from an inpatient substance abuse program sustain neck and back injuries while on a field trip when their van collides with another vehicle in northwest suburbs.
April 16, 2012Robert P. Walsh$310,000 Settlement53-year-old nurse and her 60-year-old retired husband injured on the Edens Expressway when their car collided with a water tank that fell off a truck which had struck an overpass because the truck driver failed to lower hydraulics.
April 2, 2012Robert A. Clifford$190,000 SettlementSchoolteacher hit by turning cab as she was walking in a crosswalk, resulting in a broken leg.
April 1, 2012Robert A. Clifford$5,000,000 Settlement73-year-old man struck on his bicycle by vehicle loses right leg below the knee and now wears a prosthetic device.
March 29, 2012Craig J. Squillace$140,000 SettlementHusband and wife suffer head, neck and back injuries when their vehicle was struck from behind by driver.
March 22, 2012Robert P. Walsh$390,000 Settlement38-year-old insurance adjuster suffers back, neck and chest injuries when he is struck head-on in Lake County.
March 14, 2012Robert P. Walsh$390,000 Settlement56-year-old railroad worker sustains an aggravation to his pre-existing back injury when his car is struck by a turning motorist in Will County.
March 8, 2012Robert P. Walsh$220,000 Settlement19-year-old woman sustains back injury when vehicle she is riding is struck on I-55.
March 6, 2012Susan A. Capra$1,250,000 SettlementDefendants failed to treat 60 year old with anticoagulation medication during a procedure to shock heart back to normal rhythm resulting in a stroke.
February 17, 2012Robert P. Walsh$500,000 Settlement32-year-old carpenter suffers fractured pelvis when he falls off the back of his friend's 4-wheeler in Peoria.
February 13, 2012Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$425,000 SettlementPlaintiff suffered a shoulder injury when he fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice on a sidewalk that formed as a result of a leak in a can light in a defective canopy.
February 12, 2012Robert A. Clifford$100,000 Settlement8-year-old falls from monkey bars and suffers a fractured arm due to inadequate wood chips on the playground.
January 31, 2012Robert A. Clifford$200,000 Settlement28-year-old woman struck by a car and suffered a non-operable pelvic fracture.
January 24, 2012Robert P. Walsh$200,000 Settlement48-year-old pedestrian suffers cracked vertebrae when struck by a car in Des Plaines.
January 17, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,700,000 SettlementICU nursing staff at a Chicago-area hospital failed to property monitor and provide for the safety of a patient following coronary artery bypass and mitral valve surgery, resulting in a preventable fall and cardiopulmonary arrest that caused irreversible brain damage and death of a 64-year-old man.
January 6, 2012Robert P. Walsh$1,000,000 Settlement52-year-old Coast Guard officer about to be deployed to Middle East is killed when his vehicle was rear-ended by a truck on 80-94 in northwest Indiana; insurer paid policy limits.
January 3, 2012Robert P. Walsh$200,000 Settlement57-year-old suffers fractured pelvis and 80-year-old suffers multiple fractures and a head injury as pedestrians struck by an 88-year-old motorist whose insurance carrier paid policy limits.
January 3, 2012Robert A. Clifford$150,000 Settlement25-year-old woman suffers a concussion and TMJ as a result of an intersection collision.
December 23, 2011Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,950,000 SettlementDefendants fail to perform a timely delivery by C-section causing infant's death four days after birth.
December 15, 2011Keith A. Hebeisen$1,750,000 SettlementDefendant ophthalmologist failed to timely diagnose infection of the eye, resulting in legal blindness on one eye at the age of 6.
December 12, 2011Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement25-year-old horseback riding instructor sustains back injury when she is rear-ended in Lake County in her vehicle.
December 7, 2011Robert A. Clifford$150,000 SettlementSurgeon negligently failed to remove a sponge during a procedure that required additional surgery to remove.
November 29, 2011Robert A. Clifford$450,000 Settlement50-year-old man visiting from China was struck in the face by a piece of mortar as he passed a Chicago building undergoing renovation, resulting in temporary vision problems.
November 23, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$200,000 SettlementPlaintiff sustained a fractured pelvis when the cab that she was a passenger in was t-boned by another vehicle at an intersection.
November 23, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$200,000 SettlementPlaintiff sustained a fractured pelvis when the cab that she was a passenger in was t-boned by another vehicle at an intersection.
November 4, 2011Robert A. Clifford$775,000 Settlement52-year-old cyclist struck by car resulting in minor back injuries, leg and foot fractures that required surgery.
November 1, 2011Robert P. Walsh$325,000 Settlement30-year-old motorcyclist suffers anterior cruciate ligament injury (knee) when vehicle in front of him comes to a sudden stop after being cut off by a beer-delivery van.
October 21, 2011Robert P. Walsh$750,000 Settlement37-year-old writer sustains concussion resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder when car she is driving is side swiped by a trailer on I-90 in Winnebago County.
October 6, 2011Richard F. Burke, Jr., Susan A. Capra$1,000,000 SettlementFailure to diagnose a pituitary tumor resulting in 34-year-old unmarried male suffering frontal lobe strokes.
October 6, 2011Robert P. Walsh$162,333 Settlement19-year-old passenger suffers fractured sternum when car he was riding in was struck at an intersection in DeKalb County.
October 5, 2011Robert A. Clifford$1,852,000 Settlement12-year-old girl bucked and thrown from a horse at a stable resulting in cervical fractures requiring surgery.
October 5, 2011Robert P. Walsh$120,000 Settlement74-year-old realtor suffers fractured knee when car he is driving is struck by a taxi on Chicago's North side.
October 4, 2011Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement (Partial)67-year-old woman killed in an intersection Accident caused by an uninsured motorist who was also killed in the crash in Maywood.
October 3, 2011Shannon M. McNulty$2,100,000 SettlementMan suffered fatal carbon monoxide poisoning while abrasive blasting.
August 9, 2011Robert A. Clifford$250,000 Partial SettlementOff duty 30-year-old police officer killed on motorcycle when van turned left in front of him.
July 20, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$225,000 Settlement35-year-old hospital pharmacy inventory control technician sustains neck injury when she is sideswiped by a truck on Interstate 80.
July 12, 2011Keith A. Hebeisen$1,000,000 VerdictVerdict on behalf of 24-year-old schoolteacher whose eye was permanently injured during lens implant surgery.
June 29, 2011Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 Settlement49-year-old worker suffered leg and hip fractures when a careless driver slammed into his pick-up truck.
May 17, 2011Sean P. Driscoll$500,000 SettlementDisabled firefighter develops chronic pain syndrome after physical therapist improperly administered functional capacity exam.
May 9, 2011Robert A. Clifford$200,000 SettlementSurgeon errantly failed to remove sponge during procedure requiring a second surgery to remove the surgical sponge.
May 2, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$175,000 Settlement49-year-old nurse is rear-ended in Kane County and suffers back and neck injuries.
March 4, 2011Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$400,000 SettlementWoman taking cardiac treadmill stress test was given drug which was contraindicated in light of her history of asthma resulted in esophageal tear during resuscitation efforts.
March 4, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$110,000 Settlement30-year-old police officer suffers neck and back injuries when she is rear ended at a north side stoplight by a van carrying senior citizens.
February 22, 2011Kevin P. Durkin, Sean P. Driscoll$4,500,000In December, 2009, a 62 year old male Indiana resident was killed as a result of an Accident involving the failure of industrial equipment at a manufacturing plant. Defendants included the plant owner, the plant contractor, and the industrial equipment manufacturers.
January 13, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$650,000 Settlement20-year-old male electrician sustained fractures to the face and his right leg which required surgery when the vehicle in which he was traveling struck a tractor trailer as it negligently exited a gas station.
January 11, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,500 Settlement25-year-old dock worker suffers broken arm when a truck negligently backs into him.
January 11, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,500 Settlement25-year-old dock worker suffers broken arm when a truck negligently backs into him.
December 18, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$450,000 Settlement (Verdict)Defendant physician treated plaintiff with multiple medications for severe headaches that he diagnosed as migraines for over three years without ever conducting an MRI which, when eventually performed, revealed the presence of a benign brain tumor.
December 1, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$3,500,000 (Verdict)8-year-old boy dies when an unsafely designed seatback in a conversion van collapses and traps him in the rear portion of his family's vehicle.
October 15, 2010Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 Settlement67-year-old married man killed when a speeding, overweight semi-tractor trailer rig strikes his vehicle.
October 8, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$600,000 SettlementDeath of 53-year-old man hit by driver of auto dealership test drive car in intersection collision.
September 27, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement83-year-old pedestrian suffers torn rotator cuff when struck by vehicle driven by 85-year-old woman in southwest suburban shopping center parking lot.
September 2, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$615,000 Settlement30-year-old man retrieving packages from the rear seat of his parked car is struck by westbound motorist on north side and suffers fractured hip.
August 27, 2010Kevin P. Durkin$4,000,000 VerdictWrongful death of an infant that was born prematurely caused by the failure of physicians and nurses to recognize the severity of lung infection and admit the infant to the hospital despite multiple visits to the ER.
July 15, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$190,000 Settlement18-year-old pedestrian suffered concussion and open wounds to her face and leg requiring surgery following infection after she was struck by Pace bus as it turned into a bus station on the Northwest side.
July 8, 2010Robert A. Clifford$3,000,000 Settlement35-year-old male passenger suffered multiple facial, arm, rib and hip fractures, requiring surgery, when driver lost control of vehicle and struck a tree.
July 2, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$110,836 SettlementMan was rear-ended and killed by a speeding uninsured intoxicated motorist.
June 30, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$150,000 Settlement52-year-old retired sanitation worker from New York who worked on the post-9/11 clean up was rear-ended while northbound on I-94 in Lake County and suffered a fractured thumb, requiring surgery and permanent metal screws to be implanted.
June 28, 2010Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$2,000,000 SettlementCook County employee fractures hip and shoulder after speeding Metra heading to Chicago derails when conductor ignores switch signal and fails to perform a successful crossover from one track to another.
June 16, 2010Robert A. Clifford$225,000 SettlementFalling ice from downtown building strikes 39-year-old woman in the head, causing concussion, lacerations and broken teeth.
June 10, 2010Robert A. Clifford$400,000 Settlement51-year-old man's herniated disc is aggravated requiring surgery after being rear ended by a truck in Wisconsin.
May 24, 2010Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,420,000 SettlementFailure to timely diagnose breast cancer, causing death of 55-year-old single mother of one daughter.
May 17, 2010Robert A. Clifford$177,000 Settlement49-year-old male snowplow driver suffers herniated disc after striking unmarked hazard in parking lot requiring cervical fusion.
April 16, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNultyConfidential SettlementFather of two killed after sliding door to minivan improperly opens during Accident involving rollover of the vehicle.
April 13, 2010Robert A. Clifford$300,000 SettlementImproper insertion of surgical screw during lower back surgery resulted in nerve injury.
March 24, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$220,000 Settlement22-year-old woman fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice on neighbor's driveway suffering a fractured ankle.
March 12, 2010Robert A. Clifford$2,200,000 Settlement19-year-old freshman dies of alcohol toxicity due to university's failure to adequately train resident assistant on duty to recognize the signs and symptoms of severe alcohol toxicity.
March 5, 2010Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 Settlement74-year-old man dies from blood clot after being tackled by police who improperly and negligently determined that he was involved in gang activity.
February 10, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement79-year-old gun club member fell at event and fractured his arm which required surgical repair.
January 8, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$375,000 Settlement79-year-old bachelor pedestrian struck and killed by motorist on Chicago's north side.
December 29, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$150,000 Settlement45-year-old woman was rear-ended on the Kennedy Expressway and sustained chronic permanent pain in her neck and back.
December 15, 2009Robert A. Clifford$2,500,000 Settlement21-year-old student crushed to death on the premises of Wrigley Field when a dilapidated wall collapsed on him during an afternoon windstorm.
October 19, 2009Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,400,000 SettlementMedical negligence case involving a young woman who undergoes an unnecessary hysterectomy during which her bowel was lacerated, resulting in a severe infection that causes permanent injuries.
October 14, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$3,125,000 Settlement

A Scripto-Tokai barbeque lighter, designed without a child safety device, results in a 3 year old operating the lighter near his 18-month-old sister's bed and she suffers severe burn injuries and her death.

October 13, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$450,000 SettlementWoman sustained a severed ureter and punctured bladder during a laparoscopic hysterectomy necessitating a second surgery for repair of the injuries and causing bladder dysfunction.
October 12, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$1,200,000 Settlement37-year-old heating contractor and father of four is electrocuted at a manufacturing plant undergoing remodeling where other contractors did not ensure power had been shut off in designated work area.
October 12, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$1,200,000 Settlement37-year-old heating contractor and father of four is electrocuted at a manufacturing plant undergoing remodeling where other contractors did not ensure power had been shut off in designated work area.
September 16, 2009Keith A. Hebeisen$5,000,000 VerdictDoctor performs unnecessary hysterectomy on 31-year-old Chicago area woman after c-section to deliver her first child.
June 24, 2009Robert A. Clifford$3,600,000 Settlement (Verdict)55-year-old woman dies when doctor fails to properly and timely diagnose her breast cancer, leaving one adult disabled daughter.
June 22, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Partial Settlement18-year-old cosmetologist who was a passenger in a left turning car which was broadsided at an intersection in southwest suburban Cook County suffers broken back. Host driver's insurance company paid policy limits.
June 1, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$225,000 Settlement34-year-old social worker sustains abrasions and burns after she was struck by a car while walking her bike across Lake Shore Drive entrance ramp.
June 1, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement15-year-old passenger in van suffers fractured kneecap in single vehicle Accident in River Forest.
May 5, 2009Robert A. Clifford$640,000 Partial SettlementHigh school student who had right of way is killed when police car involved in a high-speed chase collides into student's vehicle.
May 4, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement31-year-old cab passenger sustains facial lacerations and dental injuries when the taxi in which he was riding was involved in an intersection collision in Chicago.
April 8, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$150,000 SettlementDefendant driver of flatbed truck was hauling steel that extended four feet beyond the bed of the truck with no warning flags; 23-year-old client drove into the rear of the defendant truck and was struck in the head by the steel, suffering a concussion and facial fractures.
March 30, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement15-year-old male passenger suffers neck injury requiring surgery when his 16-year-old friend lost control of his vehicle and struck a light pole in Will County.
February 24, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$325,000 Settlement47-year-old Wisconsin woman in Chicago to celebrate 25th wedding anniversary is rear ended by out-of-town businessman and she is forced to undergo cervical fusion in her back; minor damage to car.
February 19, 2009Sean P. Driscoll$425,000 Partial Settlement44-year-old father dies after hospital failed to obtain an adequate and appropriate medical history, failed to take a CT scan of the brain and failed to diagnose bleeding on his brain.
January 22, 2009Robert A. Clifford$150,000 SettlementHome care attendant's negligence causes elderly cancer patient to fall and suffer head injury resulting in his death.
January 12, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$2,500,000 SettlementYoung mother is in labor for 25 hours with prolonged periods during which her baby was deprived of sufficient oxygen and suffered from poor fetal tones; her son is born with cerebral palsy and he dies two years later from a seizure disorder.
December 9, 2008Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$1,295,000 Settlement56-year-old accountant and father of three was killed when the driver of an SUV lost control and crashed into a fast food restaurant where he was dining in Kane County.
September 11, 2008Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$300,000 Settlement53-year-old nursing administrator suffers neck injury when her car is rear ended in a three-car collision on Tri-State expressway.
July 1, 2008Sean P. Driscoll$1,400,000 SettlementNewborn baby dies after pediatric surgeon unsuccessfully operates on hernia four times, including one at infant's bedside
June 1, 2008Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$600,000Father of two killed as a passenger in a limousine when driver has a heart attack and limo strikes a tree while departing from Florida airport terminal
April 30, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$100,000,000Six people killed and 16 others injured at the Cook County Administration Building in Chicago's downtown when firefighters failed to save people stuck in smoky high-rise stairwell; one of the highest personal injury settlements in Chicago's Cook County history
April 21, 2008Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$2,800,00016-year-old high schooler suffered traumatic brain injury when a bus rammed the car in which he was a passenger.
March 3, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$14,000,000A one-year-old boy suffered permanent brain damage after choking on an apple slice at a daycare center where workers failed to monitor him.
March 2, 2008Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,270,000Failure to diagnose and treat monochorionic twin pregnancy results in severe brain damage of one little girl and wrongful death of her twin sister.
February 29, 2008Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty, Susan A. Capra$1,000,00032-year-old mother dies after obstetrician fails to recognize critically high blood pressure resulting in hypertensive brain hemorrhage.
February 15, 2008Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford$6,000,00033-year-old physical trainer and mother of two is severely disfigured when her healthy breast is unnecessarily removed when a lab technician negligently mixes up her slide with that of another woman's.
December 10, 2007Robert A. Clifford$750,000 Settlement32-year-old man dies from allergic reaction to drug negligently administered by nurse
December 1, 2007Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$4,300,000 SettlementNegligent managing of labor and delivery of mother's first born results in infant girl suffering serious and permanent brain damage
September 18, 2007Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,000,000 SettlementFailure of doctors and hospital personnel to timely perform a c-section results in baby's death
September 13, 2007Sean P. Driscoll$500,000 Verdict84-year-old grandfather with swallowing problems dies when Chicago hospital personnel fail to properly monitor him while eating and he chokes on food
August 6, 2007Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$600,000 SettlementDriver of an unstable SUV killed when her vehicle rolled over on a flat and dry rural road
February 12, 2007Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$4,250,000 Settlement40-year-old mom of two dies from negligent care during gastric bypass surgery and post-operative care.
October 12, 2006Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$15,800,000 Verdict12-year-old girl is left permanently brain damaged and wheelchair-bound after a YMCA van strikes her as she attempts to cross an intersection in south suburban Harvey
September 21, 2006Kevin P. Durkin,$2,250,000 SettlementTruck loses control and strikes car, killing young mother of two in Indiana
June 5, 2006Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNultyConfidential Amount49-year-old mother permanently paralyzed while seat belted in a reclined passenger seat in a van that was involved in a motor vehicle Accident; vehicle manufacturer failed to adequately provide warnings of inadequate protection while seat is in that position
May 23, 2006Robert A. Clifford$300,000 Settlement50-year-old woman falls from liquid left on restaurant floor and fractures kneecap requiring surgery
May 4, 2006Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$311,197 VerdictOff-duty Prospect Heights police officer on a motorcycle is sideswiped by an off-duty Chicago police officer on Interstate 90/94 as she attempts to enter local lanes from the express lane; officer on motorcycle suffers broken leg and other injuries requiring missing two months of work.
April 25, 2006Robert A. Clifford$5,000,000 Partial SettlementNeurosurgeon using spine instruments during surgery caused permanent incontinence in a 30 year-old-woman due in part to manufacturer failing to advise surgeon about the appropriate imaging required for the proper use of the instruments
March 1, 2006Robert A. Clifford$1,250,000 SettlementPolice shoot at suspect and innocent bystander gets bullet fragment in the eye
February 1, 2006Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$70,000,000 SettlementTwo young women killed and three others seriously injured when scaffolding collapses from the John Hancock Center in windy conditions; settlement represents majority of $77 million global agreement in consolidated cases where Clifford Law Offices acted as lead counsel in taking more than 100 depositions
October 26, 2005Richard F. Burke, Jr.$380,000 Settlement33-year-old passenger on new custom motorcycle is thrown from vehicle and sustains fractured skull when front wheel locks up because of manufacturer's improper lubrication of wheel bearings
October 20, 2005Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$1,030,000 Settlement74-year-old grandmother and passenger in car driven by her husband is struck and killed by police car speeding through intersection in residential neighborhood during non-emergency patrol without lights or activated sirens
June 29, 2005Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$365,000 Settlement24-year-old woman driving southbound hit by car making left at intersection in Glenview sustains fractured leg that required surgery
May 10, 2005Kevin P. Durkin$348,333 Settlement42-year-old male taxi passenger sustains severe facial fractures and dental injuries when cab runs red light at intersection and collides with another vehicle
January 3, 2005Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$335,000 Settlement54-year-old pedestrian struck by taxi at Chicago intersection and suffers fractured shoulder and rotator cuff tear.
September 21, 2004Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$10,000,000 SettlementConfidential settlement involving serious injuries incurred in a premises liability case
July 29, 2004Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$720,000 Settlement20-year-old passenger sustains multiple fractures when driver loses control of car and crashes into a tree
March 24, 2003Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$10,000,000 SettlementSpeeding hearse hits squad car on routine patrol, severing injuring police officer; black box in hearse recorded speed.
March, 2004Kevin P. Durkin$38.3 million SettlementA mother and her two children involved in a devastating truck-car collision on Interstate 90 near Rockford in 1999. After a month-long trial in the Cook County Circuit Court, Mr. Durkin received a $38.3 million verdict on behalf of the family in March, 2004 – the largest in the country that year involving a motor vehicle crash and was featured as one of the Top 100 Verdicts in the National Law Journal in 2005.
January 14, 2003Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 SettlementA 37-year-old woman suffered a broken leg when struck by a truck when crossing the street in Chicago.
March 22, 2002Robert A. Clifford$3,015,000 SettlementGirl X, a 9-year-old, is brutally attacked and poisoned at a Chicago housing project.
March 16, 2002Kevin P. Durkin$1,250,000 Settlement42-year-old woman is killed when her car is struck by semi-tractor trailer rig making an improper right turn.
March 4, 2002Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$35,000,000 VerdictInternationally acclaimed violinist severely injured due to negligence of train company.
May 23, 2001Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$22,000,000 Settlement15-year-old severely injured and two teenagers killed when SUV rolls over on expressway.
October 15, 2000Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$1,800,000 SettlementConstruction worker fractures hip and vertebrae after falling off unguarded bridge.
June 1, 2000Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$7,500,000Drunken driver kills one person and injures three others in Sioux Falls.
May 28, 2000Robert A. Clifford$14,000,000 VerdictWest suburban mother is severely injured in head-on collision.
May 2, 2000Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$14,000,000 SettlementPartial settlement: sport utility vehicle rolls over, injuring 6 passengers.
January 4, 2000Kevin P. Durkin$2,950,000 SettlementConstruction worker fell through unsupported roof at Navy Pier project, fracturing pelvis and wrist.
October 15, 1999Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$1,800,000 SettlementConstruction worker fractures hip and vertebrae after falling off unguarded bridge.
October 14, 1998Richard F. Burke, Jr.$6 millionSix-year-old boy is struck and killed by a garbage truck while riding his bicycle. The truck driver did not see him because his vehicle was not equipped with proper side and back mirrors to spot children nearby.
July 14, 1998Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$3,450,000 SettlementGirl on bicycle struck by police car in residential neighborhood, rendered quadriplegic.
-Robert A. CliffordConfidential51-year-old man who survived crash of Caribbean Airlines Flight 525 on July 30, 2011 with back injuries that did not require surgery settles case
-Robert A. Clifford$110 MillionRobert Clifford served as lead counsel for the American Eagle Flight 4184 crash in Roselawn, Indiana in 1994. The experienced plane crash lawyer had prepared PowerPoint presentations to explain the case, videos to show the testimony of dozens of witnesses, and day-in-the-life professionally produced videos of the 16 victims he represented. As the trial was ready to begin, the defendants agreed to a record $110 million settlement and an apology in open court.
-Robert A. Clifford$28.2 Million, $15 Million, $250,000The passengers on United Airlines Flight 232 were thrown from the plane when it crash-landed in flames into a soybean field in Iowa in 1989. The jury took less than three hours to return a verdict of $28.2 million on behalf of a 70-year-old woman with permanent injuries. Robert Clifford, airplane crash attorney, also obtained a $15 million settlement for a father who lost his wife and daughter and an additional $250,000 donated for a bereavement center at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago in their names.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$4.7 MillionTarom Airlines Flight 371 crashed in Bucharest, Romania, on March 31, 1995, while en route to Brussels, Belgium, killing all 60 people aboard. Therese Chung, a business consultant, was killed on the flight. The Romanian Transport Ministry found that the cause of the Airbus crash, and French and Belgian experts agreed, was that the pilot became affected by health problems shortly after takeoff causing the aircraft to go into a spin when the throttle fell idle. The co-pilot was able to switch on the autopilot, but this function refused to carry out the procedure because the necessary parameters were not met, according to the chief inspector of the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority. Richard Burke flew to France to take the depositions of airline employees, then settled the matter for $4.7 million.
-Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$40 MillionAlaska Air Flight 261 crashed into the Pacific Ocean in 2000 carrying 88 passengers, many home-bound for Seattle from sunny Puerto Vallarta. We represented seven families who lost loved ones. Aviation attorney Kevin Durkin deposed more than 80 people, including airline executives and aviation experts, over three years to determine the cause of the crash - the airplane's jackscrew system. Even though the National Transportation Safety Board gave the company a virtual pass in its report of the Accident, our airplane Accident lawyers did the work needed to prevail on behalf of the families we represented.
-Kevin P. Durkin$4.1 MillionOur aviation attorneys obtained $4.1 million in 1998 on behalf of a photographer killed in a helicopter that crashed into a northwestern suburban home in Chicago.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$6.8 MillionAviation Accident lawyer Richard Burke obtained a $6.8 million verdict as a result of the crash of a Piper aircraft in northwest suburban Schaumburg, Illinois on behalf of a Plainfield woman who suffered injuries as a passenger when the plane ran out of gas. The National Law Journal recognized this success as the "Verdict of the Week" in May 2002.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr.$2.5 MillionPassenger killed in small plane crash at Palwaukee Airport outside of Chicago, Illinois.
-Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. CliffordPolicy LimitsA small plane crashed in Woodruff, Wisconsin, killing a mother of six children and her husband, passengers on the plane. Our airplane crash attorneys obtained a policy limits settlement for the family.
-Robert A. Clifford$900,000Our aviation attorneys represented a 43-year-old mother of two teenagers killed in June, 1999, who was a passenger in a helicopter crash in a mountainous area of Alaska. The law firm hired experts to help in the investigation and legal discovery of the helicopter Accident on behalf of the family living in Florida.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$4.2 MillionA small charter fishing plane crashed in a remote area of Canada carrying four friends on August 24, 2002. A 41-year-old business executive from Geneva, Illinois, was killed. Clifford Law Offices represented his family and obtained a $4.2 million settlement.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr.$450,000Corporate jet crashes killing the pilot; multi-defendant case partially settles against the Fortune 500 corporation.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. CliffordConfidentialA newly married 27-year-old woman is killed when the wing of an aging seaplane sheared off immediately after take-off to the Bahamas from Miami.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$10.45 and $13.5 MillionAirplane crash attorney Richard Burke obtained a $10.45 million verdict following a five-week trial on behalf of the family of a pilot who died when a private Gulfstream IV jet crashed. He also obtained a $13.5 million settlement on behalf of a passenger killed in the same crash.
-Robert A. Clifford$10 MillionOur plane crash attorneys obtained $10 million settlement for the family of a Brazilian entrepreneur who was killed with his wife as they took a short helicopter flight from New York to New Jersey.
-Robert A. CliffordConfidentialFive families who lost loved ones in the Comair crash in Lexington, Kentucky; pilots directed the plane down a runway that was under construction.
-Robert A. Clifford$2.5 MillionA 60-year-old student pilot dies when plane crashes during instruction flight from Wisconsin to Minnesota.
-Richard F. Burke, Jr.$6,800,000 VerdictFemale passenger suffers head trauma and multiple limb fractures when small aircraft crashed in northwestern suburbs after running out of gas.

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