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American Association of Justice Discusses a Supreme Court Decision that Allows Manufacturers Not to be Held Accountable for Unsafe Medical Products

0% at Fault  A 2008 Supreme Court ruling held that the makers of FDA-approved medical devices can't be held responsible for injuries, even if their product is defective and later recalled. Source: Unequal Harm, American Association for Justice 
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Stop Multi-Tasking in the Car — It Can Wait!

21% of Crashes It is estimated that people talking on cell phones while driving are involved in 21 percent of all traffic crashes in the United States. Source: The Great Multitasking Lie,  National Safety Council  Contact us to speak with an experienced and compassionate Chicago car accident attorney today.
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Surprising Statistics on Emergency Room Visits Linked to Energy Drinks

2-Fold Increase Energy drinks were cited as the primary cause for 20,783 emergency room visits in 2011, double the total reported in 2007. Source: More Emergency Room Visits Linked to Energy Drinks, The New York Times 
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U.S. Power Squadrons Show You How Boating Can Be Fun

Resources for Hardcore Boaters Take your boating skills, experiences and camaraderie to the next level by joining a boating club like the United States Power Squadron for power boaters.
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Important Statistics on Safe Boating

By the numbers 12,000 Lakes - Minnesota is the "land of 12,000 lakes" rather than the 10,000 lakes promoted on its license plates, with more shoreline than California, Hawaii and Florida combined! Source: Sky Blue Water, Minnesota North Star 709 Deaths - Boat accidents nationwide killed 709 Americans in 2008, 12 in Minnesota alone. The vast majority of the victims - 90% - drowned and were not...
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