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Bumpy Week for Boeing’s Dreamliner Ends in FAA Review of Aircraft

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials held a press conference Friday (1/11/2013) in Washington, D.C., where they explained the comprehensive review that was ordered of the Boeing 787 aircraft. Following a week of more problems for what has been called the next generation airplane, experts and analysts speculated on what the high priority review of the 787 design and assembly, particularly the electrical system, means. Wall...
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FAA Declares 787’s “Safe” While Conducting Comprehensive Investigation Into Aircraft

Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared the Boeing 787 or Dreamliner is "safe" despite numerous incidents including a fire and fuel leak in the aircraft. The statement from FAA administrator Mike Huerta comes as the government agency is conducting a comprehensive examination of the aircraft following five instances this week alone that often grounded the aircraft at various airports including in Japan. The...
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More Problems Found on Two Additional Dreamliners as FAA Ready to Hold Press Conference

Two more Boeing 787 aircraft called Dreamliners were found to have problems just hours before the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expected to hold a press conference this morning on the plane's problems since it rolled out 15 months ago, according to USA Today. An All Nippon Airways jet suffered a crack in its windshield during flight in Japan and an engine oil leak was...
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FAA Orders Top-to-Bottom Review of Boeing 787s

Despite the chief engineer of Boeing telling the press that he is "100 percent convinced that the airplane is safe to fly," the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered a comprehensive review of what the aircraft maker touted as most technologically advanced plane. Two latest incidents regarding Boeing's newest airplane called the Dreamliner led the FAA to call for a review of the aircraft's design,...
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Boeing Dreamliner Apparently Not a Dream

Today's front-page story of USA Today (1/9/2013) focuses on the ongoing failures of the Boeing Dreamliner aircraft that was touted as the next generation aircraft. Several mishaps and problems have caused experts, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), to investigate the Boeing 787. The latest two incidents came earlier this week when a fuel tank leaked Tuesday on...
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