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Aviation Accidents

Max 8 Planes Grounded for Months by Major Airlines

Despite assurances from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg that fixes to the Max aircraft will make the planes “even safer,” on April 15, 2019, United Airlines announced that it will be grounding its Max 8 fleet through mid July. Boeing’s top executive apologized last week for two recent crashes of the Max 8 aircraft and admitted that a software update would prevent further disasters, according to...
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Boeing & FAA Knew Manual Stab Trim Was Unlikely At High Speed But Failed To Warn After Lion Air

The Ethiopian government released earlier this week its preliminary report to the public for the March 10, 2019 accident involving Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. The report included plots of the Flight Data Recorder data and a detailed time history of events including those derived from the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). Review of these data show the MCAS automatic stabilizer trim activations occurred between 250 and...
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Chicago and San Francisco Law Firms to File Wrongful Death Lawsuit and FAA Claim on Behalf of Young American Woman, Ralph Nader’s Niece, Killed in Boeing Max8 Crash in Ethiopia

PRESS CONFERENCE THURSDAY, 11/4/2019 AT 11 A.M. CST IN CHICAGO Clifford Law Offices of Chicago and Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy of San Francisco, internationally recognized aviation firms, filed a lawsuit on Thursday, April 4, 2019 on behalf of the family of a 24-year-old woman and U.S. citizen who was killed in the tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Max8 aircraft March 10. The detailed complaint was filed in...
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Uncontested Liability in Aeromexico Crash; Litigation Proceeds on Damages for Injured Passengers

Aeromexico Airlines told a federal judge on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 that it would not contest liability in the tragic incident involving 103 on board July 31 when a plane took off in heavy rain in Durango, Mexico, then crashed moments after takeoff near the runway before catching fire. Thankfully all passengers and crew survived. Clifford Law Offices represents a number of the passengers aboard,...
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Top Aviation Attorney Writes Letter to FAA Head With a To-Do Safety List

Robert A. Clifford, one of the nation’s top aviation attorneys, wrote a letter yesterday to the Federal Aviation Administration head offering 10 suggestions he could do to improve the workings of the agency in light of the two recent Boeing Max8 planes. With a focus on safety, Clifford wrote FAA Acting Administrator Daniel K. Elwell of short and long-term priorities that may help restore the...
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