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Dangerous Property

Clifford Law Offices Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Two People Injured from Water Tank Falling Off Chicago Building. Chicago Attorneys at Clifford Law Seek Justice for Two People Injured from Water Tank Falling off Building in Chicago: Personal Injury Attorney Files Lawsuit

August 2, 2013 Clifford Law Offices' personal injury attorney today (Friday, Aug. 2, 2013) filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of a couple that was injured by flying debris and a tidal wave of water when a huge water tank fell off a building in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. A man and his girlfriend were in an alley moving the woman...
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Unsafe Playgrounds & Spotting the Hazards

The summer months are a great time for children to enjoy their time off from school and play on playground equipment. The only issue is that there are quite a few unsafe playgrounds. Knowing more about playground safety and what that means can better ensure that children continue having fun and parents can worry less. What exactly ensures the greatest playground safety? Playground Safety Checklist...
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Da Vinci Surgical Robots Face Other Product Liability Lawsuits

Despite the May 2013 ruling in which a Washington State jury reached a 10-2 verdict in favor of Intuitive Surgical Inc. (ISI), manufacturer of the Da Vinci surgical robots, other problems with the devices are prompting other product liability lawsuits. In mid-May of 2013, ISI issued an urgent medical device notification stating that particular versions of its 2009 and 2010 cautery monopolar curved scissors may...
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Bridge Collapse: Illinois’ Bridge Quality Takes a Plunge

One in 12 bridges in Illinois is "structurally deficient," according to a report released by Transportation for America (TFA), a non-profit coalition out of Washington, D.C. Could these numbers indicate a bridge collapse story in our future? It's hard to say. The bridge collapse last month on Interstate 5 in the Seattle area was not considered structurally deficient, whereas the bridge in the 2007 Minnesota...
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The Shocking Statistics on U.S. Bridge Collapses

Age, Deterioration and Funding Remain Core Problems, 11 percent of the nation's 607,000 bridges were considered "structurally deficient" in 2012, according to the Federal Highway Commission. Just five years prior, the agency reported 12 percent. Not much has changed, even since the I-35 Minnesota bridge collapse in 2007 that prompted massive bridge investigations across the country. Even more alarming is the average age of a...
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