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Data Breaches

Data Mining Reportedly Going on to Recruit the Sick

In the wake of NSA, Target data breaches, medical records compromised and other privacy invasions comes word that some health care companies are probing available information on patients in order to target them for telemarketing and direct mail pitches. The Wall Street Journal reported ("Data Mining to Recruit Sick People," Dec. 17, 2013) that companies specializing in patient recruitment for clinical trials are now turning...
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Update: Advocate Medical Breach of Privacy

Many aspects of the litigation against Advocate are underway. Although many of Advocate's patients have received letters, some patients have been allegedly victimized without having been aware of the data breach. Some patients state that they have not received letters, but their data was allegedly stolen. To address that issue, we have filed a motion in which we seek to have Advocate publish in the...
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More Patient Information Exposed at Chicago-Area Hospitals

In the wake of the massive data breach of four million patients at Advocate Medical comes word of other patient files being compromised at Chicago-area medical facilities. A front-page story of the Chicago Tribune ("Patient files left exposed," Sept. 10, 2013) explain how records were found scattered at the now closed Edgewater hospital, which has been the site of many break-ins. Chicago Tribune reporters Ameet...
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Hundreds Call Clifford Law Offices Seeking Help on Advocate Data Breach

Clifford Law Offices has received hundreds of calls from patients who said they received letters from Advocate Medical regarding the compromise of their privacy and medical information in July. Advocate Medical reported that four computers were allegedly stolen from their Park Ridge offices. The computers contained important information regarding four million patients' dates of birth, Social Security numbers and medical diagnoses. Some people who called...
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