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Still Receiving Calls? — The ISBA Talks Telemarketing Recourse

Question:  I still receive phone calls from telemarketers, even though I registered my phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. What can I do?   Answer:  Both federal and state laws prohibit telemarketers from contacting you – permanently – if you have signed up on the Registry’s Web site. Calls from political organizations, charities and phone surveyors are excluded. By law, all calls must be made after 8 a.m. and before 9 p.m. Telemarketers are required to identify themselves with their name, the company they represent and a phone number at which their company can be reached. For more information or to file a complaint, visit the Illinois Attorney General’s Web site at       For more information about Illinois law, visit If you have a legal question, send it to   Illinois Law Now is a series of newspaper and internet posts prepared by the Illinois State Bar Association that address legal issues of interest to the public. For additional information about the law, visit