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Dangerous Property & Product Case Results

Our attorneys are well-versed in complex cases involving dangerous property (also known as premises liability claims) and defective/dangerous products. Some of our most recent results in these cases are listed below.

Dangerous Property

January 25, 2018Richard F. Burke$200,000

A young man broke his leg when he slipped on ice while exiting from a tavern. The design of the canopy and roof area above the doorway resulted in an unnatural and unsafe pooling of ice and water where patrons were expected to walk.

June 30, 2017Richard F. Burke, Jr.$565,000

27-year-old woman sustains right orbital fracture and multiple rib fractures after a condo water tank falls from the top of the building and crashes to the ground near her, expelling a torrent of water and debris that swept her through a parking lot.

April 21, 2017Bradley M. Cosgrove$940,000

A then eight-year-old girl who sustained injuries to her right thumb due to a dog bite after she was asked to help a veterinary employee capture a runaway animal.

October 11, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$860,000Premises liability case in DuPage County involving 47-year-old male with a fractured ankle.
August 19, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$105,000Plaintiff minor sustains compression injury at unprotected construction site.
July 25, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr./ Robert A. Clifford$1.3 millionWoman helping out in a restaurant sustains significant burn injuries when a poorly maintained oven explodes and causes a flash fire.
June 13, 2016Shannon M. McNulty$220,000

Bake shop worker slipped on freezer floor that was installed with an inadequate slip resistant coating.

May 20, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr.$500,00014-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy broke his leg when uneven slabs of pavement caused him to fall as he was entering a medical building for a doctor's appointment.
May 17, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr.$230,000Residential backyard deck collapses during party causing back injuries to 60-year-old man and his wife.
August 31, 2015Robert P. Walsh$225,00083-year-old retiree breaks his wrist after falling when a neighbor's dog lunges at him as he walked his dog.
June 16, 2015Sean P. Driscoll$100,000Woman sustains calcaneus fracture when walking down auto dealership ramp.
March 3, 2015Craig J. Squillace$110,00069-year old woman trips on mat as she was exiting store and injured her left shoulder and back.
December 9, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$675,000 Settlement28 year old sign painter was electrocuted while painting a billboard due to employer, billboard owner and electrical company's negligence.
September 27, 2013Robert A. Clifford$425,000 SettlementHome health care worker suffers nerve damage and scarring on arm when bit by a dog owned by her elderly client
September 25, 2013Kristofer S. Riddle, Richard F. Burke, Jr.$120,000 Settlement27-year-old female sustained a broken jaw as the result of an altercation outside of a downtown nightclub
August 29, 2013Robert P. Walsh$142,500 Settlement19-year-old woman suffers laceration when she slipped in a downstate gas station bathroom.
April 1, 2013Robert A. Clifford$225,000 Settlement78-year-old woman died after tripping on city sidewalk and striking her head
February 15, 2013Sean P. Driscoll$375,000 SettlementMan injured by falling glass from high-rise window on unprotected public sidewalk in the Loop
July 17, 2012Robert A. Clifford$285,000 Settlement29-year-old electrician suffers severe electrical burns to both hands while working on an electrical cabinet that was not supposed to be energized.
February 13, 2012Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$425,000 SettlementPlaintiff suffered a shoulder injury when he fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice on a sidewalk that formed as a result of a leak in a can light in a defective canopy.
February 12, 2012Robert A. Clifford$100,000 Settlement8-year-old falls from monkey bars and suffers a fractured arm due to inadequate wood chips on the playground.
November 29, 2011Robert A. Clifford$450,000 Settlement50-year-old man visiting from China was struck in the face by a piece of mortar as he passed a Chicago building undergoing renovation, resulting in temporary vision problems.
October 5, 2011Robert A. Clifford$1,852,000 Settlement12-year-old girl bucked and thrown from a horse at a stable resulting in cervical fractures requiring surgery.
June 16, 2010Robert A. Clifford$225,000 SettlementFalling ice from downtown building strikes 39-year-old woman in the head, causing concussion, lacerations and broken teeth.
May 17, 2010Robert A. Clifford$177,000 Settlement49-year-old male snowplow driver suffers herniated disc after striking unmarked hazard in parking lot requiring cervical fusion.
March 24, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$220,000 Settlement22-year-old woman fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice on neighbor's driveway suffering a fractured ankle.
February 10, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement79-year-old gun club member fell at event and fractured his arm which required surgical repair.
February 10, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement79-year-old gun club member fell at event and fractured his arm which required surgical repair.
December 15, 2009Robert A. Clifford$2,500,000 Settlement21-year-old student crushed to death on the premises of Wrigley Field when a dilapidated wall collapsed on him during an afternoon windstorm.
October 12, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$1,200,000 Settlement37-year-old heating contractor and father of four is electrocuted at a manufacturing plant undergoing remodeling where other contractors did not ensure power had been shut off in designated work area.
April 30, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$100,000,000Six people killed and 16 others injured at the Cook County Administration Building in Chicago's downtown when firefighters failed to save people stuck in smokey high-rise stairwell; one of the highest personal injury settlements in Chicago's Cook County history
March 3, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$14,000,000A one-year-old boy suffered permanent brain damage after choking on an apple slice at a daycare center where workers failed to monitor him.
January 5, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$6,100,000 (partial)Man crushed by punch press machine at factory.
May 23, 2006Robert A. Clifford$300,000 Settlement50-year-old woman falls from liquid left on restaurant floor and fractures kneecap requiring surgery
February 1, 2006Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$70,000,000 SettlementTwo young women killed and three others seriously injured when scaffolding collapses from the John Hancock Center in windy conditions; settlement represents majority of $77 million global agreement in consolidated cases where Clifford Law Offices acted as lead counsel in taking more than 100 depositions
September 21, 2004Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$10,000,000 SettlementConfidential settlement involving serious injuries incurred in a premises liability case
January 4, 2000Kevin P. Durkin$2,950,000 SettlementConstruction worker fell through unsupported roof at Navy Pier project, fracturing pelvis and wrist.
October 15, 1999Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$1,800,000 SettlementConstruction worker fractures hip and vertebrae after falling off unguarded bridge.

Defective Products

March 14, 2017Richard F. Burke, Jr.$2.85 million45-year-old man lost part of his leg after it was crushed due to the unsafe design of a large piece of industrial equipment used in a Chicago manufacturing plant.
November 23, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$200,000 SettlementPlaintiff sustained a fractured pelvis when the cab that she was a passenger in was t-boned by another vehicle at an intersection.
February 22, 2011Kevin P. Durkin, Sean P. Driscoll$4,500,000In December, 2009, a 62 year old male Indiana resident was killed as a result of an Accident involving the failure of industrial equipment at a manufacturing plant. Defendants included the plant owner, the plant contractor, and the industrial equipment manufacturers.
December 1, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$3,500,000 (Verdict)8-year-old boy dies when an unsafely designed seatback in a conversion van collapses and traps him in the rear portion of his family's vehicle.
April 16, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNultyConfidential SettlementFather of two killed after sliding door to minivan improperly opens during Accident involving rollover of the vehicle.
October 14, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$3,125,000 SettlementA Scripto-Tokai barbeque lighter, designed without a child safety device, results in a 3 year old operating the lighter near his 18-month-old sister's bed and she suffers severe burn injuries and her death.
January 5, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$6,100,000 (partial)Man crushed by punch press machine at factory.
June 5, 2006Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNultyConfidential Amount49-year-old mother permanently paralyzed while seat belted in a reclined passenger seat in a van that was involved in a motor vehicle Accident; vehicle manufacturer failed to adequately provide warnings of inadequate protection while seat is in that position
April 25, 2006Robert A. Clifford$5,000,000 Partial SettlementNeurosurgeon using spine instruments during surgery caused permanent incontinence in a 30 year-old-woman due in part to manufacturer failing to advise surgeon about the appropriate imaging required for the proper use of the instruments
October 26, 2005Richard F. Burke, Jr.$380,000 Settlement33-year-old passenger on new custom motorcycle is thrown from vehicle and sustains fractured skull when front wheel locks up because of manufacturer's improper lubrication of wheel bearings

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