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What Can I Do If I’ve Been Hurt By Construction Equipment?

Working on a construction site means long days using heavy, often complex machinery with many moving parts. Whether it’s a bulldozer, crane, scaffolding, or other operating machinery, construction workers and their bosses must ensure these pieces of equipment get used carefully and that everyone follows the correct safety procedures. Even so, accidents happen. A worker might fall, be electrocuted, or get struck by a heavy...
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Avoid These Dangerous Toys When Shopping This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, many families are already shopping for toys from their children’s wish lists. And while this is a time of year many parents look forward to, it’s important to also remember that not all toys are created equal. Some, in fact, are much more dangerous than others. In the United States, roughly 217,000 children are treated at hospital emergency rooms for...
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Clifford Law Offices Recognized by Global 100

Clifford Law Offices is proud to be named the 2019 Law Firm of the Year in the United States in Aviation Law by Global 100. “Global 100 consists of only 100 of the world’s leading firms and individuals with votes received from global readers in over 163 countries worldwide,” stated Richard Baker, the Editor in Chief of Global 100. He adds, “The purpose of the Global 100 is to provide the readership with...
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As Cars Grow More Autonomous, Safety Remains an Issue

By 2021, all major car manufacturers will offer some version of an autonomous vehicle (AV). Already, cars like the Tesla Model 3 and Audi’s A8 offer autonomous functionality. At the same time, rideshare companies like Uber are testing self-driving vehicles, Ford is partnering with food delivery companies like Domino’s and Postmates, and Waymo (Google) has been granted permission to transport people in robo-taxis in the...
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How the Other Driver’s Negligence Can Affect Your Car Accident Claim

Whenever you are involved in a car accident where the other party is at fault, you have the right to seek compensation for damages to both your vehicle and your physical and mental health. Sometimes, however, car crashes aren’t just pure accidents—they involve some kind of negligent behavior from the other driver, like drinking and driving or driving while texting. These behaviors are not just...
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