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Chicago Car Accident Attorney

At Clifford Law Offices, our Chicago-based attorneys represent those who have been injured or lost loved ones in motor vehicle collisions. We can help you seek a result that covers not only medical expenses but also provides necessary ongoing support for you and your family in the aftermath of an accident.

Our attorneys take the time to clearly explain your legal options suffering a serious injury in a Chicago car accident. When you schedule a free consultation, we will discuss your case via phone, at our local office, or during a visit to your home or hospital room – whichever is most convenient for you. Together, we can determine the next steps for fair compensation.

Why Choose Us?

If you or a family member have suffered an injury after a car accident, consider our firm because:

We know that this is a difficult period for you, so we take the time to analyze your case, provide you with customized advice, and answer any questions that you have. This includes questions specific to your case, as well as common auto accident-related questions such as:

View our Car Accident FAQs to learn more and read more about what to look for in a car accident lawyer.

A History of Success in Car Accident Cases

Our attorneys have been representing victims of serious automobile accidents in Chicago and throughout the nation for more than 30 years. The combined experience of our attorneys amounts to hundreds of years of personal injury and wrongful death casework and has resulted in numerous favorable outcomes for our clients, including:

Please note that every auto accident case is unique, and these listed results do not guarantee a particular outcome in any future cases. You can, however, expect commitment, dedication, and our full attention. The only way we have been able to consistently secure outstanding results for clients is through an aggressive commitment to our clients. When a car accident permanently impacts you and your family, discuss your case with one of the attorneys at Clifford Law Offices.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Charge?

Our car accident attorneys handle all cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that unless we successfully resolve your case, you will not pay anything for our time. If we do obtain a financial settlement or verdict on your behalf, we will deduct our fees directly from the award based on an agreed-upon percentage. That way – win or lose – you never pay for an attorney out of pocket.

We are upfront and honest about how much we charge for services because we do not believe in hidden fees or surprise add-ons at the end of the process.

Though hiring our firm won’t cost you anything unless you receive compensation, not hiring an attorney might cost you a fair settlement. Almost all car accident claimants in Illinois will recover greater compensation amounts with an attorney representing them. In fact, insurance companies often offer higher settlements as soon as they discover a claimant has hired a lawyer.

Chicago Car Accidents

In 2018, there were 118,304 motor vehicle collisions in the city of Chicago, 123 of those crashes involved at least one fatality, while 21,881 involved at least one injury. While these collisions occur all over the city, a high percentage of car accidents occur on a handful of streets. In fact, five Chicago streets had more than 2000 car accidents occur on them in 2018: Western Avenue with 3,335, Pulaski Road with 2,826, Ashland Avenue with 2,667, Cicero Avenue with 2,455 and Halsted Street with 2,283.

Car Accidents on Chicago Streets, The Top 25

The full top 25 are as follows:

Street Name Crashes
Madison St 989
Roosevelt Rd 1010
Chicago Ave 1022
Addison St 1034
Milwaukee Ave 1054
Fullerton Ave 1089
Stony Island Ave 1103
87th St 1113
Belmont Ave 1146
Damen Ave 1152
Archer Ave 1159
Central Ave 1184
Irving Park Rd 1229
California Ave 1243
Grand Ave 1351
State St 1360
Clark St 1365
North Ave 1370
Michigan Ave 1570
Kedzie Ave 1953
Halsted St 2283
Cicero Ave 2455
Ashland Ave 2667
Pulaski Rd 2826
Western Ave 3335

Illinois Car Accident Laws

During your initial consultation, one of our attorneys will explain your options and what the law requires from you, including:

  1. Deadline for filing a case. In Illinois, you have two years from the date of your collision to file a personal injury claim with the civil courts, or two years from a loved one’s date of death if you wish to file a wrongful death car accident claim. Missing your deadline generally equates to forfeiting your right to file a claim for compensation. However, the law does have contingencies. Talk to our firm to discuss whether they exist in your case.
  2. Fault car insurance laws. Illinois is a fault, or tort, insurance state. This means all involved parties in a collision will look to the at-fault party for recovery. As a victim, you and your attorney will determine who was at fault for your crash and file a claim with that party’s insurance.
  3. Comparative negligence. Some car accident cases involve the negligence of more than one party. Under Illinois’ car accident laws, if you (the claimant) are 50% or less at fault for the collision, you will still be eligible for financial compensation. If you are more than 50% at fault, however, you will lose your right to recover damages. Hiring an attorney can help you prove the other party’s majority share of fault.

Determining Negligence and Liability

Obtaining a car accident settlement or verdict is not a guarantee. Financial recovery hinges on establishing proof of someone else’s fault for your accident and injuries. An insurance company and/or a judge must have proof that the defendant committed the negligence that caused your crash. To establish proof, document your injuries, gather evidence at the scene (if possible and if you are able), and work with an attorney to build a strong case.

The following four elements are necessary to prove liability for a car accident in Illinois:

  1. Duty. The defendant owed you a duty of care.
  2. Breach. The defendant breached his/her duty of care to you.
  3. Causation. The breach of duty caused your car accident.
  4. Damages. You suffered damages in the collision.

Determining liability often takes the experience and resources of an established firm. For instance, the other driver may be mainly at fault, but other parties could share liability. For example, a seatbelt manufacturer may be partially liable for your spinal cord injury if a defective seatbelt opened in a collision and worsened your injuries. Discuss your case with Clifford Law Offices for help determining liability and fault.

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“I was always very impressed with each of the firm’s attorneys’ professionalism in handling such difficult cases, and their hurting clients. I can’t say it was easy for me to answer the phone and hear a crying client on the other end. But, I will always remember the feeling of actually being a part of a system that was helping victims who couldn’t help themselves.” – K.K.