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Medical Malpractice Case Results

Many of our most significant results have been in medical malpractice and hospital negligence cases. A sample of some recent results includes:

June 1, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen, Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$7.75 million (verdict)

Neurosurgeon fails to recognize 56-year-old man's previous heart issues and is cleared for spinal surgery; man dies from cardiac issues.

May 20, 2016Robert A. Clifford, Shannon M. McNulty$16.5 million

Recently retired teacher suffers permanent brain damage when hospital negligently supplies erroneous dosage of insulin.

May 10, 2016Shannon M. McNulty, Michael S. Krzak$6.5 million

Wrongful death of a 35 year old husband and father after a failure to timely diagnose an aortic dissection, failure to administer a CT scan, and a failure to observe and follow up on abnormal findings present on chest x-ray administered in emergency room.

March 9, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra, Sarah F. King$3.95 million49-year-old man dies in hospital from undiagnosed pulmonary embolism.
February 17, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen$1.015 million40-year-old woman has heart perforated during interventional cardiac procedure.
December 11, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$950,000Attorneys at Clifford Law Offices obtained a record verdict in Ford County in a medical malpractice case.
November 4, 2015Colin H. Dunn$1,500,000Labor management and delivery leads to birth of girl with severe physical complications; case was settled after previous trial resulted in a not guilty for one doctor and a hung jury for the other doctor.
November 4, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove$8.25 millionVerdict against a Chicago hospital on behalf of a family who lost their father and husband due to negligence following a total knee replacement surgery.
April 29, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen$1 MillionMisplacement of intra-ocular lens in both eyes during man's cataract surgery.
April 24, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King, Susan A. Capra$1.35 MillionPatient suffered a stroke due to the failure to diagnose and treat a damaged heart valve.
March 30, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$2,500,000 Settlement73 year old man commits suicide in a Chicagoland Hospital, as a result of the hospital's negligence in supervising the patient while on suicide watch.
March 26, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen$1 MillionMan whose glaucoma went undiagnosed and untreated.
March 9, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$1,820,000 Settlement33 year old mother commits suicide as a result of the negligent mental health treatment of post-partum psychosis.
January 23, 2015Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King, Susan A. Capra$6 MillionFailure to timely deliver a baby by C-section in the face of non-reassuring fetal monitoring tracings.
January 22, 2015Bradley M. Cosgrove, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$3,157,815.77 Settlement65 year old man loses leg after negligent treatment and management of ulcerated foot.
December 18, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove, Susan A. Capra$200,000Patient sustains a burn to his thigh during a surgical procedure
November 21, 2014Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$3 MillionFamily of a 16-year-old boy who died from complications during spinal surgery.
November 13, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$500,000 Settlement38-year-old woman, suffered injury to spinal accessory nerve during lymph node biopsy causing muscle atrophy, weakness and disfigurement.
October 8, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$250,000 SettlementA 72 year old woman's primary care doctor failed to follow up on a CT scan, which lead to surgical removal of her left kidney.
July 28, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$250,000 Partial Settlement23 year old male suffers from failed laparoscopic gallbladder surgery which resulted in a blocked bile duct causing peritonitis and injury.
July 25, 2014Keith A. Hebeisen, Kenneth C. Chessick, M.D.$700,000woman suffers injury to nerve in arm during knee surgery
July 1, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$4,000,000 Verdict51 year old male died from be hypoxia, obstruction of airway, hematoma following a carotid endarterectomy when the nursing staff failed to contact a physician to report signs and symptoms of a post-operative hematoma.
June 19, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$4 Million VerdictFor the third time in six months, Bradley Cosgrove, partner at Clifford Law Offices, has obtained a verdict for a victim of medical malpractice.
June 16, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$500,00050-year-old male dies within 24 hours from negligent and inadequate treatment of severe abdominal pain from a bowel obstruction, severe dehydration, hypokalemia, hyponatremia that led to a cardiac arrhythmia
June 4, 2014Keith A. Hebeisen$1.8 MillionMan suffers an intra-operative stroke.
April 19, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$14 Million VerdictBradley M. Cosgrove, partner at Clifford Law Offices, obtained a $14 million verdict on behalf of a 37-year-old Chicago woman.
February 27, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove, Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$2.75 Million VerdictBradley Cosgrove obtained a $2.75 million near record settlement in a medial malpractice case in DeKalb County.
February 6, 2014Bradley M. Cosgrove$2,750,000 Partial Settlement45 year old male, survived by his wife and two minor children, presented to hospital with complaints of back and bilateral leg pain with swelling. Physicians failed to diagnose and treat a deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolus which ultimately led to this death.
November 22, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$15,550,000 Verdict33-year-old woman dies after cesarean section due to massive bleeding caused by doctors' negligence in failing to diagnose and properly treat placenta abnormality
November 20, 2013Bradley M. Cosgrove$885,000 Verdict69-year-old man suffers a ruptured appendix due to a doctor's negligence
August 28, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford, Susan A. Capra$3,000,000 SettlementHospital's negligence in failing to properly and timely treat mother's neurological condition results in stroke and severe brain damage
March 19, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$3,200,000 Settlement54-year-old woman suffers severe and permanent brain injury during routine same-day eye surgery
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$750,000 Settlementphysician failed to administer anti-coagulating therapy to a 75-year-old administrative assistant who suffered massive stroke leading to her death
February 25, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$3,355,000 SettlementYoung mother of three dies after antibiotic treatment for sepsis delayed until it was too late
January 21, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford, Susan A. Capra$2,750,000 Settlement66-year-old wife and mother of three adult children dies during surgery due to uncontrolled bleeding that went unrecognized by medical personnel in the OR
January 15, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King, Susan A. Capra$1,900,000 Settlementmedical negligence for the failure to properly monitor delivery of newborn boy and failure to perform a C-section resulting in stillborn
November 16, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$8,100,000 SettlementFailure to timely diagnose fetal distress and perform C-section causes cerebral palsy in newborn
November 7, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,850,000 SettlementMedical negligence action alleging Defendants' failure to timely perform a caesarean section in lieu of a vaginal birth, resulting in a permanent brachial plexus injury to the minor
May 21, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen$8,500,000 Settlementdefendants failed to timely diagnose and treat blood infection, resulting in severe and permanent damage to child's heart and brain
May 4, 2012Robert A. Clifford$1,700,000 Settlement45-year-old woman undergoes amputation of right leg as a result of physicians failing to timely treat blood clots.
March 6, 2012Susan A. Capra$1,250,000 SettlementDefendants failed to treat 60 year old with anticoagulation medication during a procedure to shock heart back to normal rhythm resulting in a stroke.
January 17, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,700,000 SettlementICU nursing staff at a Chicago-area hospital failed to property monitor and provide for the safety of a patient following coronary artery bypass and mitral valve surgery, resulting in a preventable fall and cardiopulmonary arrest that caused irreversible brain damage and death of a 64-year-old man.
December 23, 2011Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,950,000 SettlementDefendants fail to perform a timely delivery by C-section causing infant's death four days after birth.
December 15, 2011Keith A. Hebeisen$1,750,000 SettlementDefendant ophthalmologist failed to timely diagnose infection of the eye, resulting in legal blindness on one eye at the age of 6.
December 7, 2011Robert A. Clifford$150,000 SettlementSurgeon negligently failed to remove a sponge during a procedure that required additional surgery to remove.
October 6, 2011Richard F. Burke, Jr., Susan A. Capra$1,000,000 SettlementFailure to diagnose a pituitary tumor resulting in 34-year-old unmarried male suffering frontal lobe strokes.
July 12, 2011Courtney Boho Marincsin, Keith A. Hebeisen$1,000,000 VerdictVerdict on behalf of 24-year-old schoolteacher whose eye was permanently injured during lens implant surgery.
May 17, 2011Sean P. Driscoll$500,000 SettlementDisabled firefighter develops chronic pain syndrome after physical therapist improperly administered functional capacity exam.
May 9, 2011Robert A. Clifford$200,000 SettlementSurgeon errantly failed to remove sponge during procedure requiring a second surgery to remove the surgical sponge.
March 4, 2011Courtney Boho Marincsin, Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$400,000 SettlementWoman taking cardiac treadmill stress test was given drug which was contraindicated in light of her history of asthma resulted in esophageal tear during resuscitation efforts.
December 18, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$450,000 Settlement (Verdict)Defendant physician treated plaintiff with multiple medications for severe headaches that he diagnosed as migraines for over three years without ever conducting an MRI which, when eventually performed, revealed the presence of a benign brain tumor.
August 27, 2010Kevin P. Durkin$4,000,000 VerdictWrongful death of an infant that was born prematurely caused by the failure of physicians and nurses to recognize the severity of lung infection and admit the infant to the hospital despite multiple visits to the ER.
July 9, 2010Kimberly M. Halvorsen$5,000,000 SettlementHospital and primary care physician failed to timely diagnose and treat lung cancer, resulting in death of 45-year-old mother.
May 24, 2010Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,420,000 SettlementFailure to timely diagnose breast cancer, causing death of 55-year-old single mother of one daughter.
April 16, 2010Kimberly M. Halvorsen$2,910,000 VerdictAnesthesiologist improperly intubates a 52-year-old woman who dies following a routine outpatient procedure at a surgery center in the southwest suburbs.
April 13, 2010Robert A. Clifford$300,000 SettlementImproper insertion of surgical screw during lower back surgery resulted in nerve injury.
October 19, 2009Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,400,000 SettlementMedical negligence case involving a young woman who undergoes an unnecessary hysterectomy during which her bowel was lacerated, resulting in a severe infection that causes permanent injuries.
October 13, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$450,000 SettlementWoman sustained a severed ureter and punctured bladder during a laparoscopic hysterectomy necessitating a second surgery for repair of the injuries and causing bladder dysfunction.
September 16, 2009Keith A. Hebeisen$5,000,000 VerdictDoctor performs unnecessary hysterectomy on 31-year-old Chicago area woman after c-section to deliver her first child.
June 24, 2009Robert A. Clifford$3,600,000 Settlement (Verdict)55-year-old woman dies when doctor fails to properly and timely diagnose her breast cancer, leaving one adult disabled daughter.
February 19, 2009Sean P. Driscoll$425,000 Partial Settlement44-year-old father dies after hospital failed to obtain an adequate and appropriate medical history, failed to take a CT scan of the brain and failed to diagnose bleeding on his brain.
January 22, 2009Robert A. Clifford$150,000 SettlementHome care attendant's negligence causes elderly cancer patient to fall and suffer head injury resulting in his death.
January 12, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$2,500,000 SettlementYoung mother is in labor for 25 hours with prolonged periods during which her baby was deprived of sufficient oxygen and suffered from poor fetal tones; her son is born with cerebral palsy and he dies two years later from a seizure disorder.
March 2, 2008Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,270,000Failure to diagnose and treat monochorionic twin pregnancy results in severe brain damage of one little girl and wrongful death of her twin sister.
February 29, 2008Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty, Susan A. Capra$1,000,00032-year-old mother dies after obstetrician fails to recognize critically high blood pressure resulting in hypertensive brain hemorrhage.
February 15, 2008Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford$6,000,00033-year-old physical trainer and mother of two is severely disfigured when her healthy breast is unnecessarily removed when a lab technician negligently mixes up her slide with that of another woman's.
December 10, 2007Robert A. Clifford$750,000 Settlement32-year-old man dies from allergic reaction to drug negligently administered by nurse
December 1, 2007Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$4,300,000 SettlementNegligent managing of labor and delivery of mother's first born results in infant girl suffering serious and permanent brain damage
September 18, 2007Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,000,000 SettlementFailure of doctors and hospital personnel to timely perform a c-section results in baby's death
September 13, 2007Sean P. Driscoll$500,000 Verdict84-year-old grandfather with swallowing problems dies when Chicago hospital personnel fail to properly monitor him while eating and he chokes on food
February 12, 2007Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$4,250,000 Settlement40-year-old mom of two dies from negligent care during gastric bypass surgery and post-operative care.

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