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Transportation Accident Case Results

We have the resources and experienced attorneys to handle any type of transportation Accident, from straightforward car Accidents to complex boat Accidents involving international maritime law. Below, we present some our representative cases for a variety of transportation-related cases.

ATV Accidents

February 17, 2012Robert P. Walsh$500,000 Settlement32-year-old carpenter suffers fractured pelvis when he falls off the back of his friend's 4-wheeler in Peoria.

Bicycle Accidents

October 12, 2018Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (partial)11-year-old boy suffers fractured leg when he was a passenger on his 11-year-old friend's motorbike. They were hit by another vehicle in DuPage County.
December 8, 2016Robert P. Walsh$150,00010-year-old boy on bicycle suffers non-displaced fractured tibia when he collides with a bus in Lake County.
November 11, 2016Robert A. Clifford$700,000

58-year-old sustains serious shoulder injury when his bicycle hits pothole on the Lake Shore Drive bike.

August 12, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$310,000Bicyclist struck by driver making left turn resulting in concussion, knee injury and meniscus tear.
April 1, 2012Robert A. Clifford$5,000,000 Settlement73-year-old man struck on his bicycle by vehicle loses right leg below the knee and now wears a prosthetic device.
November 4, 2011Robert A. Clifford$775,000 Settlement52-year-old cyclist struck by car resulting in minor back injuries, leg and foot fractures that required surgery.
June 1, 2009Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$225,000 Settlement34-year-old social worker sustains abrasions and burns after she was struck by a car while walking her bike across Lake Shore Drive entrance ramp.
July 14, 1998Richard F. Burke, Jr., Robert A. Clifford$3,450,000 SettlementGirl on bicycle struck by police car in residential neighborhood, rendered quadriplegic.

Boat/Maritime Accidents

June 8, 2018Tracy Brammeier$27.9 millionFamily of three individuals who died and sole survivor in a boating incident on Lake Michigan settle state court case against the companies tasked with repairing and managing the motorboat.
May 4, 2012Shannon M. McNulty$1,750,000 (Canadian) SettlementTwo police officers suffered fatal injuries when their professionally guided boat capsized while on a hunting expedition in Canada.

Bus Accidents

December 1, 2014Kevin P. Durkin$1.6 million settlement28-year-old female struck dragged and run over by a CTA bus suffers crushing injuries to her left elbow, hand, wrist, leg right hip and permanent psychological injury
October 15, 2013Craig J. Squillace$205,000 Settlement84-year-old man dies after falling onto the ground as he was descending from a bus
September 13, 2013Kevin P. Durkin$5,000,000 Settlement46-year-old father of two was killed when he was struck by a bus while walking to work in Bourbonnais, IL
July 16, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement36-year-old pricing supervisor is t-boned by a school bus and 17 days later, she is diagnosed with post-traumatic headaches
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$210,000 Settlement83-year-old passenger suffers non-displaced fracture to her pelvis when bus comes to a sudden halt and she falls to the floor
December 29, 2009Kevin P. Durkin$3,250,000 SettlementHusband/father of two children killed when he was run over by a CTA bus at Midway Airport.

Motorcycle Accidents

September 15, 2017Robert P. Walsh,
James Pullos
$450,00056-year-old retiree and his 19-year-old son, a student, were rear-ended in Will County. Each suffered neck and shoulder injuries.
December 1, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1 million24-year-old motorcyclist on his way to work in DuPage County sustains multiple fractures (shoulder, skull, wrist, hip, knees, foot) when he collides with left-turning motorist.
August 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$700,000Beer truck pulling out onto frontage road in Chicago's northern suburbs strikes a 20-year-old mechanic on motorcycle who sustains knee and shoulder injury requiring surgery
June 3, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,00042-year-old mechanic suffers aggravation of chronic back pain when he is rear-ended by defendant while stopped on his motorcycle in DuPage County.
March 3, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)34-year-old research chemist suffers broken leg when his motorcycle is sideswiped on the Reagan Expressway in DuPage County
November 19, 2014Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (Policy Limit)34-year-old research chemist suffers broken leg when his motorcycle is sideswiped on the Reagan Expressway in DuPage County.
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement18-year-old motorcyclist was killed when he was struck by a 19-year-old motorist in Will County
November 1, 2011Robert P. Walsh$325,000 Settlement30-year-old motorcyclist suffers anterior cruciate ligament injury (knee) when vehicle in front of him comes to a sudden stop after being cut off by a beer-delivery van.
August 9, 2011Robert A. Clifford$250,000 Partial SettlementOff duty 30-year-old police officer killed on motorcycle when van turned left in front of him.
May 4, 2006Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$311,197 VerdictOff-duty Prospect Heights police officer on a motorcycle is sideswiped by an off-duty Chicago police officer on Interstate 90/94 as she attempts to enter local lanes from the express lane; officer on motorcycle suffers broken leg and other injuries requiring missing two months of work.
October 26, 2005Richard F. Burke, Jr.$380,000 Settlement33-year-old passenger on new custom motorcycle is thrown from vehicle and sustains fractured skull when front wheel locks up because of manufacturer's improper lubrication of wheel bearings

Pedestrian Accidents

October 16, 2018Robert P. Walsh$110,000 (policy limits)

68-year-old retiree suffers fractured ankle when her car is hit by turning motorist.

October 5, 2018Robert P. Walsh$110,000

18-year-old homeless woman struck by a car in Chinatown after running into traffic.

May 15, 2017Robert P. Walsh$100,000

51-year-old traveling salesman sustains contusions and low back strain when he is struck by a taxi while walking toward the rental car shuttle at O'Hare Airport.

January 13, 2017Robert P. Walsh$685,00028-year-old surgical nurse walking her dog on Chicago's north side is struck by an armored truck and suffers Lisfranc dislocation injury to her foot.
August 1, 2016Craig J. Squillace$100,000 (policy limits)24-year-old runner fractures pelvis when struck from behind by cyclist on Lake Shore Drive bike path.
February 11, 2016Robert P. Walsh$305,00081-year-old woman crossing mid-block on Chicago street in pre-dawn hours is struck and killed by motorist
February 3, 2016Robert P. Walsh$500,00018 year old assisting a stalled motorist in McHenry County sustains fractured legs when he is struck by drunk driver on the side of the road
October 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)48-year-old office manager suffers fractured ankle when hit by vehicle as a pedestrian
August 11, 2015Craig J. Squillace$137,50062-year-old female pedestrian suffers fractured tibia when she is struck by vehicle backing out of parking spot
February 19, 2015Robert P. Walsh$210,00070-year-old "cognitively delayed" woman suffers broken leg when struck by a rental car while crossing street mid-block on Chicago's North Side
February 13, 2015Robert P. Walsh$200,00048-year-old furniture maker is struck by a hit-and-run motorist while crossing street on near west side of Chicago and suffers a broken leg and neck injury.
March 20, 2014Robert P. Walsh$320,00051 year old project manager suffers fractured foot and knee when her car is, struck by left turning motorist in Northwest suburbs
July 24, 2013Kevin P. Durkin, Sean P. Driscoll$4,100,000 Settlement63 year-old woman sustains brain injury and fractured shoulder after being struck by garbage truck in cross walk on the north side of Chicago
June 30, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement80-year-old retiree fractures his leg when struck by a turning motorist on the Northwest side of Chicago; policy limits paid.
May 17, 2013Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$5,750,000 Settlement36-year-old man is left wheelchair bound after being struck by a commercial truck after he attempts to cross street mid-block near O'Hare International Airport.
April 2, 2013Sean P. Driscoll$142,000 SettlementFamily of four struck by car in crosswalk in Chicago; mom suffers head injury and husband and two children suffer contusions
April 2, 2013Robert P. Walsh$400,000 Settlement58-year-old salesman suffers fractured foot when he is struck by a car in a parking lot in upstate New York
March 17, 2013Robert A. Clifford$125,000 Settlement56-year-old woman struck by car while walking in a crosswalk on Chicago's north side resulting in concussion and soft tissue injuries
April 2, 2012Robert A. Clifford$190,000 SettlementSchoolteacher hit by turning cab as she was walking in a crosswalk, resulting in a broken leg.
January 24, 2012Robert P. Walsh$200,000 Settlement48-year-old pedestrian suffers cracked vertebrae when struck by a car in Des Plaines.
January 3, 2012Robert P. Walsh$200,000 Settlement57-year-old suffers fractured pelvis and 80-year-old suffers multiple fractures and a head injury as pedestrians struck by an 88-year-old motorist whose insurance carrier paid policy limits.
October 20, 2011Robert A. Clifford$575,000 SettlementWoman suffers leg fracture after being struck by a car walking home from work in Evanston.
September 27, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement83-year-old pedestrian suffers torn rotator cuff when struck by vehicle driven by 85-year-old woman in southwest suburban shopping center parking lot.
July 15, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$190,000 Settlement18-year-old pedestrian suffered concussion and open wounds to her face and leg requiring surgery following infection after she was struck by Pace bus as it turned into a bus station on the Northwest side.
January 8, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$375,000 Settlement79-year-old bachelor pedestrian struck and killed by motorist on Chicago's north side.
January 3, 2005Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$335,000 Settlement54-year-old pedestrian struck by taxi at Chicago intersection and suffers fractured shoulder and rotator cuff tear.
January 14, 2003Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 SettlementA 37-year-old woman suffered a broken leg when struck by a truck when crossing the street in Chicago.

Train/Railroad Accidents

October 24, 2012Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$11,400,000 Settlement57-year-old mechanic suffers catastrophic orthopedic injuries and internal injuries when he is run over by a tractor-trailer while performing repairs to marker lights on the trailer in an area of the railroad yard designated by the railroad to conduct such repairs
June 28, 2010Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$2,000,000 SettlementCook County employee fractures hip and shoulder after speeding Metra heading to Chicago derails when conductor ignores switch signal and fails to perform a successful crossover from one track to another.
March 4, 2002Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$35,000,000 VerdictInternationally acclaimed violinist severely injured due to negligence of train company.

Trucking Accidents

June 11, 2018Robert P. Walsh$1.75 million

25-year-old truck driver killed when his truck crashed after colliding with a tire that had become detached from another truck on Interstate 94 in Lake County, Illinois.

April 24, 2017Robert P. Walsh$325,00043-year-old woman suffers concussion when turning truck collides into her vehicle in northern suburb of Chicago.
April 26, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$22.7 Million31-year-old man killed when speeding driver with drugs in his system rear-ended him in a construction zone.
November 12, 2015Craig Squillace$4 million settlementSettlement on behalf of a 60-year-old woman who was killed when her vehicle was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer truck on I-80
October 15, 2015Robert A. Clifford, Bradley M. Cosgrove$20 million settlementSettlement for a man who was severely injured when a tractor carrying hazardous materials t-boned his vehicle.
August 12, 2015Robert P. Walsh$700,00020-year-old mechanic collides with a truck that was pulling onto a frontage road in Chicago's northern suburbs mechanic suffering knee and shoulder injuries requiring surgery.
June 30, 2015Robert A. Clifford$7 Million29-year-old husband and father of two minor children is worker on construction worker; killed by semi tractor-trailer in construction zone in rural Tennessee.
June 12, 2014Robert P. Walsh$187,50014-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl suffered injuries when a tractor-trailer truck lost control striking them as it crashed into a CTA station in Chinatown
March 3, 2014Sean P. Driscoll$1,000,000 Settlement87-year-old female sustained cervical injuries and eventually died after truck made left-hand turn in front of car she was a passenger in
May 17, 2013Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll$5,750,000 Settlement36-year-old man is left wheelchair bound after being struck by a commercial truck after he attempts to cross street mid-block near O'Hare International Airport.
November 9, 2012Kevin P. Durkin$3,900,000 SettlementWoman suffered multiple fractures after her SUV was cut off by a semi-truck on Route 59 in Will County
May 24, 2012Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 SettlementWrongful death of 21-year-old single male from Latvia who was killed when the mini-van he was driving was struck by a semi tractor-trailer combination near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He left surviving him, his mother, father and adult sister who all live in Latvia.
April 16, 2012Robert P. Walsh$310,000 Settlement53-year-old nurse and her 60-year-old retired husband injured on the Edens Expressway when their car collided with a water tank that fell off a truck which had struck an overpass because the truck driver failed to lower hydraulics.
April 1, 2012Robert A. Clifford$5,000,000 Settlement73-year-old man struck on his bicycle by vehicle loses right leg below the knee and now wears a prosthetic device.
January 13, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$650,000 Settlement20-year-old male electrician sustained fractures to the face and his right leg which required surgery when the vehicle in which he was traveling struck a tractor trailer as it negligently exited a gas station.
January 11, 2011Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$100,500 Settlement25-year-old dock worker suffers broken arm when a truck negligently backs into him.
October 15, 2010Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 Settlement67-year-old married man killed when a speeding, overweight semi-tractor trailer rig strikes his vehicle.
December 12, 2007Kevin P. Durkin$790,000 Settlement72-year-old man suffers severe vascular injuries to his legs when truck backs up at gas station and traps him between the truck and his car
March 16, 2002Kevin P. Durkin$1,250,000 Settlement42-year-old woman is killed when her car is struck by semi-tractor trailer rig making an improper right turn.

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