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Wrongful Death Case Results

Our long history of success in wrongful death claims is a testament to the dedication and hard work that our attorneys bring to these cases. A sampling of our significant results in the area are displayed below.

June 1, 2017Craig J. Squillace$130,000

Nursing agency negligently left handrails down on bed and 81-year-old woman falls out and dies a day later.

April 24, 2017Bradley M. Cosgrove$550,000

Wrongful death of a 58-year-old man with history of apnea in hospital for severe back pain and his respiratory status was not properly monitored, recognized or managed (settlement with primary care physician; hospital and neurosurgeon previously settled).

March 23, 2017Robert P. Walsh$150,000 (partial)49-year-old businessman killed when hit by drag racing motorist in Will County.
January 29, 2017Kevin P. Durkin$5 millionMale passenger aboard helicopter dies when it crashes in Lee County, Illinois.
January 3, 2017Susan M. Capra$750,000Death of 21-year-old woman from failure to diagnose and treat pre-eclampsia during labor.
December 20, 2016Sean P. Driscoll$670,000Woman passenger in struck by Village of Skokie garbage truck resulting in her death.
November 18, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen/Sarah F. King$2.5 million64-year-old man dies from respiratory arrest after spine surgery.
November 18, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$1.4 millionMan's car is disabled from Accident. As he is sitting in the back of an Illinois State Police car on I-290, defendant strikes the back of the police car, killing plaintiff.
November 11, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$6 million

Woman dies in helicopter crash in Lee County, Illinois.

October 21, 2016Robert A. Clifford$7.143 million (partial)35-year-old man killed in plane crash, leaving behind wife and two minor children.
October 21, 2016Bradley M. Cosgrove/ Susan A. Capra/ Marta Kowalczyk Davidson$3.5 millionFailure to work up chest pain and ischemic heart disease results in cardiac arrest of patient and death two days after emergency room admission.
October 5, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen/Sarah F. King$3.3 million52-year-old man dies from negligent overdose of medication while in hospital.
September 30, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1 million (policy limits)58-year-old plumber's car skids into guardrail in snowy conditions on Skyway; he is struck after he gets out to investigate; survived by four adult daughters.
July 25, 2016Richard F. Burke Jr.$100,000 (policy limits)Middle-aged man killed when struck by slow-moving car in multi-lane intersection.
July 19, 2016Robert A. Clifford/Susan A. Capra/Sean P. Driscoll$425,00081-year-old woman dies after developing an infection following exploratory laparotomy procedure.
June 20, 2016Robert A. Clifford/Robert A. Clifford$7 million28-year-old construction worker killed in Tennessee when struck by semi-tractor trailer in a construction zone; leaves a wife and two small children.
April 26, 2016Kevin P. Durkin$22.7 million31-year-old man killed when speeding driver with drugs in his system rear-ended him in a construction zone.
February 7, 2016Robert P. Walsh$1.18 million25-year-old killed when industrial machine lowered on him during repair with manufacturer paying policy limits.
January 4, 2016Keith A. Hebeisen/Susan A. Capra$750,00031-year-old pregnant woman dies from failure to diagnose preeclampsia.
October 5, 2015Robert A. Clifford$2,500,00072-year-old husband and father of two died after his podiatrist failed to inform him of a positive pathology report
August 24, 2015Craig J. Squillace$240,000 (Policy Limit)74-year-old man suffers spine fracture and dies eight days after surgery following an auto crash
August 23, 2015Robert P. Walsh$100,000 (policy limits)50-year-old dies as a result of vehicle crash in Lake County
August 20, 2015Robert P. Walsh$1 million (policy limits)62-year-old truck driver and husband killed on I-55 in Will County
August 18, 2015Shannon M. McNulty$2.9 millionWrongful death case of student fatally stabbed by another student.
June 7, 2015Robert P. Walsh$317,521 (Policy Limit)46-year-old woman passenger killed when husband loses control of vehicle in southern Indiana
March 3, 2014Robert A. Clifford$100,000 Settlement (Policy Limit)24-year-old woman struck and killed by vehicle while crossing the street
February 20, 2014Robert P. Walsh$195,000 Settlement24-year-old salesman killed in a motorcycle Accident
December 23, 2013Robert A. Clifford$1,250,00063-year-old woman died after sustaining injuries in a single-car crash at night on a road under construction that was not properly marked, leaving her 47-year-old son
November 22, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Sarah F. King$15,550,000 Verdict33-year-old woman dies after cesarean section due to massive bleeding caused by doctors' negligence in failing to diagnose and properly treat placenta abnormality
October 15, 2013Craig J. Squillace$205,000 Settlement84-year-old man dies after falling on to the ground as he was descending from a bus
September 13, 2013Kevin P. Durkin$5,000,000 Settlement46-year-old father of two was killed when he was struck by a bus while walking to work in Bourbonnais, IL
April 1, 2013Robert A. Clifford$225,000 Settlement78-year-old woman died after tripping on city sidewalk and striking her head
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$750,000 SettlementPhysician failed to administer anti-coagulating therapy to a 75-year-old administrative assistant who suffered massive stroke leading to her death
March 17, 2013Robert P. Walsh$100,000 Settlement18-year-old motorcyclist was killed when he was struck by a 19-year-old motorist in Will County
February 25, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$3,355,000 SettlementYoung mother of three dies after antibiotic treatment for sepsis delayed until it was too late
January 21, 2013Keith A. Hebeisen, Robert A. Clifford, Susan A. Capra$2,750,000 Settlement66-year-old wife and mother of three adult children dies during surgery due to uncontrolled bleeding that went unrecognized by medical personnel in the OR
May 24, 2012Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 SettlementWrongful death of 21-year-old single male from Latvia who was killed when the mini-van he was driving was struck by a semi tractor-trailer combination near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He left surviving him, his mother, father and adult sister who all live in Latvia.
January 17, 2012Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,700,000 SettlementICU nursing staff at a Chicago-area hospital failed to property monitor and provide for the safety of a patient following coronary artery bypass and mitral valve surgery, resulting in a preventable fall and cardiopulmonary arrest that caused irreversible brain damage and death of a 64-year-old man.
December 23, 2011Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$1,950,000 SettlementDefendants fail to perform a timely delivery by C-section causing infant's death four days after birth.
October 15, 2010Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 Settlement67-year-old married man killed when a speeding, overweight semi-tractor trailer rig strikes his vehicle.
August 27, 2010Kevin P. Durkin$4,000,000 VerdictWrongful death of an infant that was born prematurely caused by the failure of physicians and nurses to recognize the severity of lung infection and admit the infant to the hospital despite multiple visits to the ER.
July 2, 2010Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$110,836 SettlementMan was rear-ended and killed by a speeding uninsured intoxicated motorist.
May 24, 2010Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,420,000 SettlementFailure to timely diagnose breast cancer, causing death of 55-year-old single mother of one daughter.
April 16, 2010Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNultyConfidential SettlementFather of two killed after sliding door to minivan improperly opens during Accident involving rollover of the vehicle.
March 12, 2010Robert A. Clifford$2,200,000 Settlement19-year-old freshman dies of alcohol toxicity due to university's failure to adequately train resident assistant on duty to recognize the signs and symptoms of severe alcohol toxicity.
March 5, 2010Robert A. Clifford$1,000,000 Settlement74-year-old man dies from blood clot after being tackled by police who improperly and negligently determined that he was involved in gang activity.
December 15, 2009Robert A. Clifford$2,500,000 Settlement21-year-old student crushed to death on the premises of Wrigley Field when a dilapidated wall collapsed on him during an afternoon windstorm.
June 24, 2009Robert A. Clifford$3,600,000 Settlement (Verdict)55-year-old woman dies when doctor fails to properly and timely diagnose her breast cancer, leaving one adult disabled daughter.
May 5, 2009Robert A. Clifford$640,000 Partial SettlementHigh school student who had right of way is killed when police car involved in a high-speed chase collides into student's vehicle.
January 12, 2009Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty$2,500,000 SettlementYoung mother is in labor for 25 hours with prolonged periods during which her baby was deprived of sufficient oxygen and suffered from poor fetal tones; her son is born with cerebral palsy and he dies two years later from a seizure disorder.
December 9, 2008Craig J. Squillace, Robert P. Walsh$1,295,000 Settlement56-year-old accountant and father of three was killed when the driver of an SUV lost control and crashed into a fast food restaurant where he was dining in Kane County.
July 1, 2008Sean P. Driscoll$1,400,000 SettlementNewborn baby dies after pediatric surgeon unsuccessfully operates on hernia four times, including one at infant's bedside
April 30, 2008Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$100,000,000Six people killed and 16 others injured at the Cook County Administration Building in Chicago's downtown when firefighters failed to save people stuck in smoky high-rise stairwell; one of the highest personal injury settlements in Chicago's Cook County history
March 2, 2008Keith A. Hebeisen, Susan A. Capra$2,270,000Failure to diagnose and treat monochorionic twin pregnancy results in severe brain damage of one little girl and wrongful death of her twin sister.
February 29, 2008Richard F. Burke, Jr., Shannon M. McNulty, Susan A. Capra$1,000,00032-year-old mother dies after obstetrician fails to recognize critically high blood pressure resulting in hypertensive brain hemorrhage.
February 1, 2006Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford$70,000,000 SettlementTwo young women killed and three others seriously injured when scaffolding collapses from the John Hancock Center in windy conditions; settlement represents majority of $77 million global agreement in consolidated cases where Clifford Law Offices acted as lead counsel in taking more than 100 depositions

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