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Clifford Law Offices Files More Lawsuits Including on Behalf of Couple Who Witnessed Up Close United Flight’s Loss of Engine on Right Side of Aircraft

Clifford Law Offices filed more lawsuits in Illinois against United Airlines including on behalf of a couple who sat on the right-hand side of the plane when the airplane’s engine caught fire, forcing the aircraft to return to Denver on Feb. 20, 2021. UA Flight 328, a Boeing 777-222, was en route to Honolulu when four minutes after takeoff the right engine failed and was...
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Clifford Law Offices Files Four More Lawsuits on Behalf of Passengers Suffering Severe Trauma Following United Flight that Experienced Loss of Engine

Clifford Law Offices filed four more lawsuits in Illinois against United Airlines on behalf of passengers from various states who are suffering significant emotional trauma and distress stemming from a flight that experienced a fiery engine loss while traveling from Denver to Hawaii on Feb. 20, 2021. UA Flight 328, a Boeing 777-200, was en route to Honolulu when four minutes after takeoff the right...
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Kevin Durkin Speaking at National Aviation Conference

Kevin P. Durkin, partner at Clifford Law Offices, will be speaking at the 55th Annual Southern Methodist University (SMU) Air Law Symposium on March 24-25. Durkin will be speaking on the consolidated litigation in federal district court in Chicago against Boeing involving the deaths of 157 people when a 737 MAX aircraft crashed in Ethiopia in March, 2019. Clifford Law Offices represents 72 families who...
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The Most Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

There is perhaps no other type of passenger vehicle crash more frightening or devastating than an aviation accident. From the Tenerife Airport Disaster in 1977 to the recent Boeing 737 Max8 crash in Ethiopia, aviation accidents are more often than not catastrophic and devastating for more than just the people on the plane. And while the total number of aviation accidents has decreased since the...
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Another Boeing Plane Crashes in India Killing Many On Board, Injuring Dozens More

An Air India Express plane crashed Friday (Aug. 7, 2020) with 190 people on board as it overshot the runway at Karipur Airport in southern India, hurtling the Boeing 737 into a valley about 35 feet down. It is being reported that at least 14 people are dead and more than 140 people are injured, some of them seriously. The pilot and co-pilot are reported...
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