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Max 8 Planes Grounded for Months by Major Airlines

Despite assurances from Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg that fixes to the Max aircraft will make the planes “even safer,” on April 15, 2019, United Airlines announced that it will be grounding its Max 8 fleet through mid July. Boeing’s top executive apologized last week for two recent crashes of the Max 8 aircraft and admitted that a software update would prevent further disasters, according to...
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Bob Clifford Authors Article on Lawyers’ Wellness

Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, authored an article on lawyers’ wellness entitled, “Finding a Balance.” The column appeared in the February issue of the Chicago Lawyer and it described the need for lawyers to “find a balance” in one’s work life in order to be more productive and happier. Clifford wrote about the several studies that have been conducted...
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Hippocrates Wins in Mock Trial

In a resounding victory for the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates was found innocent of violating the Hippocratic oath in administering medical treatment to the dying King of Thebes in the mock “Trial of Hippocrates” on February 20th, 2019. Some of Chicago's powerhouse lawyers, including Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner of Clifford Law Offices, and Dan Webb, co-executive chairman of Winston & Strawn, defended...
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Bob Clifford Talks to Roe Conn about The Trial of Hippocrates

In what was called the “greatest lawyers you will ever see in one place,” the Trial of Hippocrates takes place next Wednesday at the Harris Theatre in Chicago. And Bob Clifford, founder and senior partner of Clifford Law Offices, is one of the attorneys representing the Father of Medicine in an ancient Greek mock trial with Dan Webb of Winston & Strawn. They will team...
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Illinois Legislature Overrides Governor Rauner’s Veto and Raises Damages Caps on Court of Claims Awards

The Illinois House voted Nov. 27 to increase the cap on damages made in the Illinois Court of Claims to $2 million in a 71-36 vote overriding Governor Rauner’s veto. The Illinois Senate already had voted to override the veto, so the bill is now law. The change comes in response to the tragic deaths from Legionnaires’ disease of several Illinois residents of Veterans’ Homes....
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