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Aviation Archives

Dozens of Passengers and Crew Reported Sick on Flight that Landed in New York from Dubai

Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai had to be quarantined at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York for several hours Wednesday morning (Sept. 5, 2018) after reporting that dozens of people felt ill. Emergency vehicles and medical personnel met the plane on the runway when it landed.

Passengers Faint and Vomit After Forced to Withstand Sweltering Heat on Delayed Plane

In what has been called a "nightmare,"' Virgin Atlantic airlines passengers heading from Orlando, Florida, to London, England, were on board a plane that then sat on the tarmac for two hours in sweltering heat before it was canceled earlier this month.

Southwest Jet Diverted to Cleveland When Window Cracks

A Southwest jet headed from Chicago to Newark was forced to land in Cleveland after the exterior glass of a window cracked. No one was hurt but it caused great concern on the part of passengers following a recent death on a Southwest plane where a New Mexico mother was killed when the window that she was seated next to broke open and she was partially sucked out of the plane. She later died from her injuries.

Woman Passenger Killed as Southwest Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Philadelphia; Top Aviation Attorney Calls for Immediate Safety Inspections of All Nickel-Based Fan Discs on All Aircraft

A woman was killed on April 17, 2018 after a jet engine apparently exploded in mid-air and its shrapnel reportedly crashed through her window on a Southwest flight to Dallas. The incident forced the 767 Boeing aircraft, Flight 1380 that had taken off from New York, to emergency land in Philadelphia. 

Man Injured on International Flight to Chicago to Visit Family; Clifford Law Offices Available to Speak on Alleged Conduct of Airline Employees

An elderly man from Nigeria visiting his family in Chicago had to spend two nights in the hospital after reportedly being injured by airline employees as he traveled Wednesday from Dubai to O'Hare Airport.

Small Plane Crashes at Chicago Rockford International Airport

Four people are recovering following a plane crash Monday evening at Chicago Rockford International Airport. Two of the people in the plane had to be extricated, including the pilot. All of the injured, including two minors, were taken to local hospitals. Rockford was the plane's final destination.