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Chicago Prescription Error Lawyer

Medication errors (administering the wrong medication) and prescription errors are on the rise, and so must the swift actions of the medical malpractice law firm. It has been reported that well over 1.5 million mistakes are made in drugs and medicines that are dispensed annually to patients throughout the country, a fact that is recognized and watched by lawyers for medical malpractice. The Institutes of Medicine found in 2006 that at least a quarter of these errors, or 375,000 of them, are preventable. A medical malpractice law firm can address prescription and medication errors in a legally appropriate manner.

What is a Prescription Error?

Many of the mistakes are in the translation of the prescriptions. As of 2010, there is a mandate to have all prescriptions written electronically, which will correct some of the errors. The report, however, found at least one medication error per day for every hospitalized patient. Serious drug errors can add more than $5,800 to the hospital bill of each patient, according to the study. Considering the permanent injuries as well as the substantial financial burden that can result from these mistakes, many victims choose to engage lawyers for medical malpractice to handle the situation.

To a medical malpractice law firm, data and statistics are of great importance in preparing and presenting a case. There are reported to be more than 10,000 prescription drugs and 300,000 over-the-counter products in this country. Add to that, four out of every five American adults take at least one medication or dietary supplement a day. It is reported nearly a third of U.S. adults takes at least five of these a day. The need to be cautious and correct is vital to every person’s health.

We Will Help You Seek Justice After a Medication Error

The lawyers for medical malpractice at Clifford Law Offices understand the severity of the problem. The Chicago-based medical malpractice law firm has experience in product liability and has handled cases dealing with mistakes in dispensing prescription medication. Hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies all need to be extremely careful in order to avoid errors with patients. They must take time to explain to consumers the information that is necessary for them to take medication properly.

In litigating these lawsuits, which often arise from product liability claims as well, the firm’s experienced lawyers for medical malpractice develop the cases beyond the line of improper treatment, diagnosis and surgery. They investigate if medical products and drugs were involved as well as the liability of any health maintenance organization. A staff attorney, who is also a registered nurse, brings an in-depth knowledge about many areas of Illinois medical malpractice law. You can find more information on our experience as a medical malpractice law firm at our page on medical and hospital negligence. Moreover, it is important to note that as a result of our litigation in areas ranging from aviation liability to personal injury and wrongful death, defective products and dangerous practices have been changed or abandoned altogether.

Success as a Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Robert A. Clifford $16,698,788: Hospital held responsible for independent physician’s negligent administration of spinal anesthesia, causing partial paralysis, incontinence, and other neurological deficits.

Keith A. Hebeisen $3,000,000: 28-year-old husband developed an allergic reaction to a drug, which caused a blood clot in his leg, which the hospital failed to timely diagnose and treat, resulting in an above knee amputation.

Keith A. Hebeisen $2,300,000: Doctors failed to discontinue a blood clotting drug: woman suffers amputation of both legs.