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    Keith Hebeisen and Sarah King Write Article on Informed Consent

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    Posted on May 29, 2013 To

    Keith Hebeisen, partner, and Sarah King, associate at Clifford Law Offices, co-authored an article for the summer issue of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association Journal entitled “The Power of Informed Consent.” The doctrine “imposes upon medical professionals a pre-treatment duty to inform the patient of the material medical information relevant to the proposed treatment, specifically information, that may affect the patient’s decision concerning the treatment,” the authors wrote. The authors, in citing various cases and statutes, examined various defenses used by medical professionals in medical negligence cases, something on which the authors focus their personal injury and wrongful death practice. They concluded that the doctrine “is a powerful theory of liability underused by plaintiff’s attorneys … should be considered from the outset of every medical negligence case and re-evaluated as the case progresses through discovery.”