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Approach the Bench

Jack J. Casciato Went From Defense Attorney to Protector of the People

Jack Casciato’s backstory is unique in the Clifford Law Offices family, and something he uses each day to further his mission of helping those that most need legal protection. For the first eight years of his career, Jack worked as a defense lawyer at a nationally known firm, representing medical practitioners, construction companies, product manufactures, major trucking companies, and other large corporations. In essence, he...
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Approach The Bench: Tracy Brammeier

Helping other people in times of need. Volunteering in one's spare time. Juggling a house and family life. That is the life of Tracy Brammeier, an associate at Clifford Law Offices for the past three years. She joined the firm as a law clerk as a 1L student at Loyola University School of Law and has been with the firm since 2011. Her father was...
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Approach the Bench: James C. Pullos

It's a story heard over and over - a family of eight grows up on Chicago's South Side in the Beverly neighborhood. His father works round-the-clock in the restaurant business while his mother does the "heavy lifting" of raising six children, working shifts at the restaurant, and pursuing her own nursing career. The children attend parochial high schools but the first five children do not...
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Approach the Bench: Robert A. Clifford

Steve Jobs and Michael Wozniak founded Apple Computer. The Blues Brothers debuted on Saturday Night Live. Peyton Manning was born. A gallon of gas was 59 cents. Jimmy Carter was elected as President. The country celebrated its bicentennial. The year was 1976. It also was the year that I was sworn in as a lawyer. Obviously, a lot has happened since then, in the country,...
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Approach the Bench: Marta Kowalczyk Davidson

The daughter of two physicians in Poland, Marta (Kowalczyk) Davidson immigrated to the United States when she was just three-years-old. Her father continued working as a board certified family practice physician in the U.S. and her mother worked in the health care field. The Kowalczyks eventually settled in Park Ridge, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Marta attended Maine South High School. It was there that...
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