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Class Action/Mass Torts

TikTok Settles Massive Class Action Lawsuit Over Data Privacy

Life hacks, cooking tips, fashion dos and don’ts, dance crazes, and everything else can be found on TikTok. The social video giant prides itself on the ability to educate its users. Case in point: The hashtag #TikTokTaughtMe has 10.7 billion views. As social media content has evolved from static photos to entertaining, short-form videos, so have concerns over the privacy of its users. In August...
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Clifford Law Offices Attorneys Represent Plaintiff in PNC Bank Gap Fees Class Action Lawsuit

Vincent I. Ratulowski, represented by Clifford Law Offices attorneys Robert Clifford and Shannon McNulty, filed a class-action lawsuit on January 7, 2022, against PNC Bank claiming the bank has breached its contract by keeping unearned Guaranteed Automobile Protection fees. Ratulowski’s lawsuit alleges that PNC knowingly keeps millions of dollars in fees every year even when customers have paid off their financial agreements early. Under current...
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Federal District Court in Illinois Rules Bellwether Cases of Restaurants Suffering Financial Losses Due to Pandemic May Move Forward to Determine if Insurance Policies Apply; Defendant Insurance Company’s Summary Judgment Motion and Motion to Dismiss are Denied

A federal district court judge presiding over the Society Insurance Business Interruption Coverage MDL, which involves the potential applicability of insurance coverage for restaurants suffering financial losses due to COVID, ruled on Monday, February 22, 2021, that the cases may move forward in determining whether their insurance policies cover such losses. The Hon. Edmond E. Chang, U.S. District Court Judge of the Northern District of...
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Even More Cancer Discovered Near Sterigenics Plant in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

The sad story of the toxic Sterigenics plant in west suburban Willowbrook continues with the recent discovery of an increased amount of the cancer-causing chemical in the air near the sterilization facility. Since last August when news broke that air quality monitors detected high concentrations of ethylene oxide along with higher than expected cancer rates among people in those downwind residential neighborhoods, lawsuits have attempted...
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Clifford Law Offices Investigates Allegations of Heavy Metals in Champion Petfoods Premium-Priced Dog Food Products Sold Under the Brand Names of Orijen and Acana

Everyone knows their pet is priceless. And they are. Dogs, cats, birds and other pets become family members. How many stories have you heard in the news that when tragedy strikes, the pet's owner was able to save their pet from disaster. And many owners will spare no expense to make their furry or scaly friend comfortable for the unconditional love they receive in return....
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