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Personal Injury

Clifford Law Offices – Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

The Chicago personal injury lawyers at Clifford Law Offices are recognized leaders in aviation litigation, complex personal injury and wrongful death cases. Watch our video to learn more about our personal injury law firm: [embed][/embed] Our number one goal at Clifford Law Offices is helping people who are in need. We look for a fair and just result and pride ourselves on tackling complex cases...
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Lawsuit Against Remington Gun Manufacturer Allowed to Proceed in Sandy Hooks Mass Killing

The Supreme Court of the United States did not accept hearing an appeal on a lawsuit against Remington Arms Company, which means the case may proceed on behalf of the families of victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Connecticut. The country’s highest court denied the gun maker’s appeal Nov. 12 without commenting on the case. That means that the decision of the Connecticut...
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Common Workplace Discrimination Claims

Everyone in the workplace has the right to be themselves and perform their job in an environment free from judgment and harassment. Legally in the United States, employers may not discriminate based on their protected characteristics — that is, their age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and medical status, among other things. Unfortunately, cases of workplace discrimination are alive and well. More than 1 million...
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CBS Chicago 10 pm News Report on Clifford Law Case of Autistic Child Beaten by Aide Highly Watched on TV and Online — See it Here

On Friday, May 11th at 10 p.m., CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini reported on the case of a partially verbal autistic nine-year-old boy who was repeatedly slapped and hit by a bus aide over a period of months who was given the responsibility of safely getting children to and from school. Appalling video reveals how the bus aide, who was convicted in criminal court in DuPage...
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Lack of Common Sense in Aviation Industry Again Leads to Serious Injury of Passenger

Yet another tragic incident involving a major airlines due to the lack of exercising common sense has led to the tragic injury of a passenger that could have been avoided. It has been reported that a male passenger was mauled in the face by an emotional support dog that was seated in the middle seat with its owner on a Delta flight Saturday (June 3,...
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