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Personal Injury

Why Rideshare Companies Need to Rethink Their Approach to Customer Safety

Uber is an undeniably hot name right now, with the company having just released its long-anticipated IPO prospectus. But those soaring revenue and user-base numbers released with the filing leave out one crucial element of the rideshare business: As one of the top ridesharing companies in the world, Uber has a great responsibility to its customers and their well-being, and ignoring that responsibility can have...
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Even More Cancer Discovered Near Sterigenics Plant in Chicago’s Western Suburbs

The sad story of the toxic Sterigenics plant in west suburban Willowbrook continues with the recent discovery of an increased amount of the cancer-causing chemical in the air near the sterilization facility. Since last August when news broke that air quality monitors detected high concentrations of ethylene oxide along with higher than expected cancer rates among people in those downwind residential neighborhoods, lawsuits have attempted...
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Uncontested Liability in Aeromexico Crash; Litigation Proceeds on Damages for Injured Passengers

Aeromexico Airlines told a federal judge on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 that it would not contest liability in the tragic incident involving 103 on board July 31 when a plane took off in heavy rain in Durango, Mexico, then crashed moments after takeoff near the runway before catching fire. Thankfully all passengers and crew survived. Clifford Law Offices represents a number of the passengers aboard,...
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Top Aviation Attorney Writes Letter to FAA Head With a To-Do Safety List

Robert A. Clifford, one of the nation’s top aviation attorneys, wrote a letter yesterday to the Federal Aviation Administration head offering 10 suggestions he could do to improve the workings of the agency in light of the two recent Boeing Max8 planes. With a focus on safety, Clifford wrote FAA Acting Administrator Daniel K. Elwell of short and long-term priorities that may help restore the...
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Jack Casciato Authors Column on Hospital Negligence Based on Independently Contracted Doctor Versus Doctor Employed by a Hospital

When a patient has a procedure done at a hospital, does that person really know if the doctor is employed by the hospital or is really an independently contracted medical provider who is offering health care services? Jack J. Casciato, partner at Clifford Law Offices, wrote an article for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin ("Indiana in step with doctor agency cases," March 20, 2019) that...
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