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Birth Injury

Antenatal Testing During Pregnancy

Getting regular prenatal care from a team of trusted obstetrical professionals is essential for a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy usually results in a healthy baby. During prenatal care, your obstetrician or midwife will recommend and perform testing on both you and your baby. Known as antenatal testing, or prenatal testing, these checkups, screenings, and procedures are designed to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy...
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Preeclampsia and Obstetrical Negligence

The weeks and months leading up to the birth of a baby are full of joy and anticipation. Parents-to-be must be informed by their obstetrician of potential conditions and complications that can occur throughout the course of a pregnancy. One such condition is preeclampsia. As with many other medical conditions, the sooner preeclampsia is diagnosed and treated, the greater the chances of a healthy mother...
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Negligent Prenatal Care

After the excitement of finding out you are pregnant, the usual next step is to seek prenatal care. Regular prenatal care from a physician or midwife is essential for a healthy pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy usually results in a healthy baby. Early and regular prenatal is essential in reducing pregnancy complications. Your first prenatal visit should take place soon as you reasonably believe you might...
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Hydrocephalus in Infants and Medical Negligence

Hydrocephalus is a medical condition that can develop at any age, including during infancy. The term “hydrocephalus” literally translates to “water in the brain.” Hydrocephalus occurs when there is a build-up of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. CSF is a clear, colorless fluid that is produced in an area of the brain called the choroid plexus within the lateral ventricles. The ventricles are...
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Filing a Birth Injury Case

A baby who suffers injuries at or around the time of birth due to medical or nursing negligence can suffer serious and permanent disabilities. Birth injuries can occur from improper prenatal care or care during the labor and delivery process. Birth injuries are devastating because they may result in permanent physical, cognitive, psychological, and social consequences. A birth injury often results in a child needing...
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