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Healthy Lawyers

Watch Now: Erin Clifford on Living Mindfully in the New Normal

On June 23rd, partner at Clifford Law Offices and certified wellness coach, Erin Clifford, presented at DePaul University on “Living Mindfully in the New Normal.” She showed attendees how to live mindfully during our current times. Some of the topics she covered were: How to create a daily mantra Step-by-step guide on how to create an effective daily schedule How to create daily rituals to...
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Lifestyle Strategies for Boosting Your Immunity and Reducing Stress

In this video, Erin Clifford, partner at Clifford Law Offices, leads a session for the Illinois State Bar Association sharing Lifestyle Strategies for Boosting Your Immunity and Reducing Stress. Erin's tips include: Maintain a daily schedule. Get some exercise (at least 30 minutes a day). Make sure you’re maintaining a healthy diet and stay hydrated (helps with your immunity). Keep up with stress management techniques...
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Erin Clifford Leads Wellness Webinar for NWSBA on May 21st, 2020

Erin Clifford, partner at Clifford Law Offices and wellness coach will be leading a session for the Northwest Suburban Bar Association (NWSBA) on May 21, 2020 12pm - 1:15pm on Boosting Wellness and Managing Stress During Quarantine. The event, complimentary to NWSBA members, is part of a series organized to help members deal with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Erin will be educating...
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Tips to Boost Wellness and Manage Stress During Quarantine

Erin Clifford, partner at Clifford Law Offices, is also a holistic wellness coach. She has been speaking to organizations during these uncertain times to share helpful, sustainable action steps. This post includes some of her tips to use during this quarantine time to take 100% control of your health and get ahead of the game to be healthier and happier when you come out of...
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How You Can Help in the Face of a Quarantine

As Mr. Rogers said on his children’s show decades ago, when bad things happen, his mother would say, “Look for the helpers.” No doubt those in the medical field have stepped up as the front line “helpers.” Those who continue to make sure that millions are able to eat and keep quarantined safely are also the “helpers.” CNN recently reported on a story of an...
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