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Data Breaches

Quest Diagnostics Reports Breach of Nearly 12 Million Patient Records

One of the nation’s largest providers of blood testing just announced a widespread data breach of financial data, credit card information, Social Security numbers and medical data, and it is certain to be the subject of many lawsuits throughout the country. On June 3, 2019, Quest Diagnostics reported that about 11.9 million patients are affected after an “unauthorized user” apparently gained access in mid-May to...
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Illinois Appellate Court Rules Advocate Data Breach Case to Proceed

An Illinois appellate court recently ruled that a class action can move forward against Advocate Health and Hospitals Corp., for the theft of millions of patients' private information including medical issues and social security numbers. Clifford Law Offices is serving as co-lead counsel in the matter against the major health care provider that stored unencrypted data containing the full names, addresses, birth dates, social security...
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Uber Increasing Background Checks of Drivers as FTC Expands its Data Privacy Settlement with Ride Sharing Company

As the popularity of Uber increases, so does the problems associated with the ride-hailing company. Uber announced (April 12, 2018) that it will be conducting annual background checks on U.S. drivers, instead of just an initial check, as well as hire a company that will regularly monitor criminal arrests in an effort to keep riders safer. According to the website, 49 deaths, 92 assaults and...
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How to Avoid and Handle Breaches in Your Data

Clifford Law Offices partner and attorney, Shannon M. McNulty gave legal advice on a variety of questions regarding breaches in data in a recent interview. She advised that if you have been notified that your account has been breached, you should check all of your payment and bank accounts. You should also contact your bank and ask them to re-issue credit or debit cards so...
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Target Tech Executive Resigns

Target Corp.’s chief information officer who was in charge of the chain’s computer systems resigned Wednesday (March 6, 2014) following the massive data breach over the holiday season to which the retailer recently admitted. It was reported in The Wall Street Journal (“Tech Executive at Target Resigns After Data Breach,” March 6, 2014) that Beth Jacob, the executive in charge of the discounter’s computer systems,...
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