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Medical Malpractice

Jack Casciato Authors Column on Hospital Negligence Based on Independently Contracted Doctor Versus Doctor Employed by a Hospital

When a patient has a procedure done at a hospital, does that person really know if the doctor is employed by the hospital or is really an independently contracted medical provider who is offering health care services? Jack J. Casciato, partner at Clifford Law Offices, wrote an article for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin ("Indiana in step with doctor agency cases," March 20, 2019) that...
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Northwestern Medicine Limiting Patients’ Legal Options Utilizing Digital Services

This post was written by Keith A. Hebeisen Shannon M. McNulty, Partners at Clifford Law Offices. Northwestern Medicine, one of the largest hospital networks in the Chicago area, announced that patients who wish to communicate with their doctors online or utilize its digital services for appointments, test results, medication refills and other health-care related activities will be limited to arbitration as a remedy. That means that...
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Major Drug Company Settles Deceptive Co-Pay Coupon Class in New York

Pfizer Inc. settled last week a case brought by New York's attorney general based on the world's largest pharmaceutical company misleading consumers with its drug co-payment coupon program. The global giant initiated a coupon program that led consumers into thinking they would be paying far less to fill prescriptions but then they ended up having to pay more from 2015-18.Pfizer agreed to pay $500,000 in...
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Study Shows Hospitals Failing to Protect Expectant Mothers

USA Today reported on how "Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren't dong it" in a weekend story entitled "Deadly Deliveries."In a cover story of July 27-29, 2018, reporter Alison Young and a team of contributors wrote of how they examined more than half-million pages of internal hospital quality records obtained through federally funded programs and the deliveries of 150 women at hospitals...
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Liability of Fertility Clinics

The birth of a child certainly is one of the most significant events for a family, but all of those hopes are ruined for hundreds of people following two fertility clinics destroying frozen embryos when the liquid nitrogen tanks thawed in March.Imagine women with uterine cancer who counted on those stored embryos to be their only hope for a family. Or those aging women who...
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