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Car Accidents

Clifford Law Offices Named to 2023 Best Car, Motorcycle, and Truck Accident Lawyers Lists on Expertise.com

Clifford Law Offices has been awarded a place on several of Expertise.com’s 2023 lists identifying the top motor vehicle accident lawyers in Chicago. Expertise.com carefully selects the top lawyers in the city based on the following five criteria: Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism. After reviewing 724 Car Accident Lawyers, Expertise listed Clifford Law Offices as one of the top 30 firms. Additionally, the firm...
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The Potential Dangers of Driverless Cars

Clifford Law Offices wrote an article published in the National Law Review titled, “The Potential Dangers of Driverless Cars,” that examines the potential dangers and common misconceptions of “driverless” car travel, alerting consumers to the legal, technical, and legislative complexities that loom over the industry’s advances. As our world continues to become more and more reliant on advanced technology, autonomous vehicles present a fascinating new...
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Drunk Driving Stats in Illinois

Even with the help of rideshares and public transportation, drunk driving is still a significant issue in Illinois and the rest of the country. If you or a loved one has ever been in a collision with a drunk driver or lost a loved one from a crash, you are well aware of the life-altering physical and emotional injuries, as well as financial set back...
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Clifford Law Obtains $18.15 Million Verdict on Behalf of Brain Damaged Teenager Struck by Truck

In one of the first civil trials since in-person jury trials resumed in Cook County Circuit Court, two partners at Clifford Law Offices on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021, obtained an $18.15 million verdict on behalf of an Indiana teenager who was struck by a truck as he stood on the side of the road fixing his vehicle. A press conference with the teen’s mother was...
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Chicago Car Accident Lawyers

No two car crashes are the same, which can make for some complex litigation when it comes to filing a claim for damages. For starters, car accidents are rarely even accidents, despite their commonly used name. Someone is almost always at fault, even partially, and the possibility of negligent behavior usually needs to be investigated in the aftermath of a crash. At Clifford Law Offices,...
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