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Major Drop In Toy Safety Inspections for Over Six Months Due to COVID-19 Threat

A USA TODAY investigation found that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) pulled its toy police from ports around the country for over 6 months because of the threat of COVID-19, causing a major drop in safety inspections. This is a follow up from our Most Dangerous Toys of 2020 post, further warning parents, grandparents, and gift-givers to research a toy's potential hazards before clicking...
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Bob Clifford to Speak on the Implications of COVID on Civil Litigation

Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, spoke on “The Implications for Civil Juries” at a webinar program sponsored by Berkeley Law School and the RAND Institute for Civil Justice, a think tank based in California formed 40 years ago. The webinar took place Thursday, Oct. 1, on a Zoom conference starting at 11:15 a.m. CST. The purpose of the program...
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Clifford Law Offices Launches Chicago Food and Shelter Project

Clifford Law Offices attorneys have come together to start the Chicago Food and Shelter Project, which provides food to people in need while supporting Chicago restaurants and caterers during COVID-19. Attorneys at Clifford Law Offices have donated thousands of dollars to send catered meals from local restaurants to homeless shelters throughout Chicago, and will continue to do so several times per week. As of June...
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Richard Burke Evaluation of COVID 19 Business Interruption Claims

In this video, Richard Burke, partner at Clifford Law Offices, talks about the initial evaluation of business interruption claims. Click below to watch the video. When considering if a client has a business loss insurance claim, an attorney needs to: Have the client inform the insurance company that they have been affected by COVID-19 and they are intending to make a claim. The attorney should...
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How Our Lawyers Connect with Clients During COVID-19

Sarah King, partner at Clifford Law Offices, led a session for the Illinois State Bar Association sharing tips that our personal injury attorneys follow on staying connected during COVID-19. Click below to watch the video. Sarah's Six Tips for Lawyers to Stay Connected with Clients During COVID 19 are: Make contact with each of your clients. While this might feel overwhelming, she suggests making a...
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