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Motorcycle Accidents

Clifford Law Offices Named to 2023 Best Car, Motorcycle, and Truck Accident Lawyers Lists on Expertise.com

Clifford Law Offices has been awarded a place on several of Expertise.com’s 2023 lists identifying the top motor vehicle accident lawyers in Chicago. Expertise.com carefully selects the top lawyers in the city based on the following five criteria: Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, and Professionalism. After reviewing 724 Car Accident Lawyers, Expertise listed Clifford Law Offices as one of the top 30 firms. Additionally, the firm...
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Motorcycle Crash Victims Need Experienced Accident Lawyers

According to Insurance Information Institute, over 8 million registered motorcycles were on the roads in 2014. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), "In 2013 motorcyclists were about 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled and five times more likely to be injured." To read more motorcycle crash statistics, click here. Victims...
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Resources for Motorcycle Riders — Drive Safely!

Agencies Provide Extensive Motorcycle Safety Resources Check out Motorcycle Safety at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for background information, the motorcycle safety guide and state-by-state fact sheets. Also visit Motorcycles at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the studies, free brochures and the latest public safety campaign material. Motorcycle Safety Foundation Encourages Rider Courses The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers a wide range...
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Some Important Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents — They May Surprise You

By the Numbers 8 Million Riders: Motorcycle ridership is at an all-time high in the United States with more than 8 million registered motorcycles on the roads in 2010. Source: State Motor-Vehicle Registrations, U.S. Department of Transportation 1,829 Lives Saved: Motorcycle helmets saved 1,829 lives in 2008. An estimated 823 lives could have been saved if all motorcyclists had been wearing helmets. Source: Motorcycle Facts...
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America – Home of the Free and Land of the Motorcycle

Americans love motorcycles: the wide-open road, the sense of freedom, the "Born to Be Wild" spirit of adventure. As summer nears and warm weather beckons, you too might be thinking about a biking adventure. You won't be alone. According to numerous government and industry sources, motorcycle ridership in the United States is at an all-time high. But while crash fatalities involving cars and light trucks...
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