Top Aviation Attorney Writes Letter to FAA Head With a To-Do Safety List
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    Top Aviation Attorney Writes Letter to FAA Head with a To-Do Safety List

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    Posted on March 27, 2019 To
    Top Aviation Attorney Writes Letter to FAA Head with a To-Do Safety List

    Robert A. Clifford, one of the nation’s top aviation attorneys, wrote a letter yesterday to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) head offering 10 suggestions he could do to improve the workings of the agency in light of the two recent Boeing Max8 planes.

    With a focus on safety, Clifford wrote FAA Acting Administrator Daniel K. Elwell of short and long-term priorities that may help restore the public’s confidence in flying, particularly as a new head of the FAA is set to be appointed by President Trump.

    Among the recommendations were, “Fix the 737 Max fleet and get those airplanes flying safely. Already dead – 346 people in five months. The fleet is grounded and the daily cost astronomical. NTSB, Boeing, and FAA must investigate and finalize means of prevention fast, followed by FAA mandate of fixes and airline implementation of fixes.”

    The Senate Commerce’s aviation subcommittee is scheduled to hold a hearing on Wednesday March 27, 2019 looking at federal oversight of aviation safety in the wake of the two recent plane crashes overseas that killed everyone aboard. FAA and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) representatives are scheduled to testify.

    On Friday (March 22, 2019), Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) wrote the FAA asking for answers about the agency’s certification of the 737 MAX. “The public deserve more transparency about how the FAA makes those determinations,” he wrote. Here is a copy of his letter.

    Click here to read the copy of the letter sent by Robert A. Clifford.

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