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    Children Enjoy Their New Toys, But Are They Safe?

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    Posted on January 17, 2014 To

    Children remind us of the innocence and joy of the holidays year-round, which is why it is so important for parents today to monitor the toys their children play with to keep the kids safe. Product recalls are down by almost 66% over the past five years, but it is stringent safety mandates, dangerous toys being seized upon their import and vigilant parents that are responsible for this laudable trend. Most toys are not meant to harm, but for any parent who has ever stepped on a hard piece of plastic, the reality of toys causing pain is an easy memory to recall. By monitoring what toys are given over the holidays, the choking hazards and possibly dangerous toys can be weeded out and returned: age labels and warnings are on some of these products for a reason! So, to make sure that holiday cheer lasts throughout the year, always be aware of what your kids are playing with and where they could get it stuck.

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