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At Least 14 Injured in Chicago-Bound Megabus Accident

Police authorities have divulged that at least 14 people were injured when a Megabus traveling from Atlanta to Chicago flipped over and off of the road traveling northbound on I-65 in the vicinity of Indianapolis, ABC 7 Chicago reported. The number of injured has been reported as high as 26, according to Fox News Chicago. Indiana State police reported that the bus overturned while possibly swerving to avoid another crash just before 5 a.m. this morning, according to ABC 7 Chicago. Weather was most-likely a factor in the accident, Fox New Chicago reported. The bus was carrying 56 passengers, who were all taken to four different hospitals in the Indianapolis area, Fox News Chicago reported. 20-25 of the passengers are described as having “minor injuries”, while 6-8 passengers are in serious condition, according to Fox News Chicago. At least one passenger is in critical condition after possibly being partially pinned beneath the bus, Fox News reported. A passenger on the bus who talked to reporters alleged that the Megabus collided with a truck before being forced off of the road, according to ABC 7 Chicago. The accident shut down lanes in both directions on I-65, but by 6 a.m. crews had cleared the scene enough for traffic to proceed, ABC 7 Chicago reported.