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Sean P. Driscoll


At 32, Sean Driscoll has been on the prevailing side of 18 lawsuits that have all ended in six- to seven-figure settlements or judgments. Taken together, these cases represent a total of nearly $30 million for plaintiffs. Driscoll, an associate at Clifford Law Offices, has successfully handled a variety of transportation and medical negligence dealing with, among other issues, explosions, boating accidents, injuries on the CTA subway and an elevator crash. He has litigated matters involving conflicts of law, maritime law and an appeal to the 7th Circuit. Both sides agree Driscoll stands out from the crowd.

Driscoll is known for doing, “the little things and the big that make the difference between simply making a case and creating an excellent case,” said attorney Brian C. Sundheim of Pretzel and Stouffer, Chtd.

“He combines a fierce competitive spirit with the civility of a more seasoned practitioner,” said Robert H. Smith of Lowis & Gellen LLP.

When most people speak of Driscoll, they are talking about his character traits that are surprising to see in such a young attorney. “I have known Sean most of his career by being his opponent. I have always admired the fact that, at such a modest age, he has handled a remarkable array of cases with extremely high verdict exposure,” said Michael D. Huber of Cray Huber Horstman Heil & Van Ausdal, LLC. “I have had cases with him that involve multi-party plaintiff injuries from wrongful death to traumatic brain injury. In each of the matters, he has shown a sophistication that normally comes with a lifetime of experience.”

“Sean is an aberration for his age and experience level,” said Renee K. Mortimer of Hinshaw and Culbertson, who met Driscoll as opposing counsel. “His breadth of knowledge and his confidence level are of a lawyer twice his age. These are unique qualities that are vital for his clients.”

Driscoll does not succumb to pressure either in a dispute following a crash between a pleasure boat and a barge, which led to seven lawsuits and extremely complicated issues of maritime law, “Sean often accepted the primary responsibility for legal arguments and discovery in the case; he is a leader who does not shy away from difficult tasks,” said Robert F. Neville of Neville & Mahoney. “He evidenced an uncommon maturity in the representation of his client.”

While he is developing a reputation for being a tenacious lawyer who vigorously obtains huge settlements and awards, also he is developing a reputation for courtesy and respect among his peers. He is a lawyer who can “maintain his clients’ dignity” while “at the same time, he zealously uncovers and highlights the defendants’ negligence,” said Shawn S. Kasserman of Corboy & Demetrio. “It was a rare privilege to see those combined qualities in a lawyer of his vintage.”

“He is a very aggressive lawyer who obtains positive results at trial and is nonetheless consistently courteous, diligent and fair,” remarked another attorney.

In addition to meeting professional challenges with strength, Driscoll has done the same in his personal life. “I believe that one of Sean’s unique achievements was pursuing his dream of becoming a lawyer and putting himself through law school after the death of his father, also a lawyer, who Sean had hoped to practice with one day,” said Driscoll’s uncle, attorney John M. Driscoll.

Although handling a full load of complex litigation cases at one of the most prestigious law firms in Chicago, Driscoll still performs pro bono work with Chicago Volunteer Legal Service and is a member of the Chicago Bar Association. He is also the author of several publications and has lectured for the IICLE.

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