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All 50 Dreamliners Grounded Across the World; U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Says 1,000% Safety Necessary

All 787 aircraft in operation around the world, 50 of them total, have been grounded in the wake of the multiple problems with its lithium ion battery. A series of overheating batteries that run the plane’s electrical system led to a comprehensive inspection of the major systems of the high tech aircraft, a grounding of the jets in Japan, then in the U.S. and now across the world. Ray LaHood, the U.S. transportation secretary, said Friday he could not predict when the 787 would resume flight. Last week LaHood told the public that the Dreamliners were safe during the press conference where the FAA announced a comprehensive review of the major systems of the aircraft. The 787 jets have been flying for 15 months, carrying more than one million passengers, but it has run into problems in recent weeks, including problems with fuel leaks as well. Many aviation analysts have said that the flying public is distrustful of the aircraft, and regulators and experts needed to step in before the consumer will be willing to safely use the next generation plane.