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Another Innocent Pedestrian Struck by Rusted Falling Light Pole in Chicago

A woman walking in Chicago’s Loop was struck by a street pole that suddenly fell on her as she walked on the sidewalk near the State of Illinois Building. Paramedics were called to what is known as the Thompson Center at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21, to give aid to a woman lying on the sidewalk. They then rushed her to Northwestern Hospital after she was struck by a light pole that apparently collapsed from rust. The condition of the woman has not been reported.

CBS-Channel 2 in Chicago has presented several investigative stories over the past couple of years about this issue, asking city and state officials why regular inspections of these street poles are not conducted. Answers have not been forthcoming.

In the most recent story, Channel 2 reported that instead the city has placed plastic decorative covers at the bottom that actually hide the rust on the aging poles. It also was reported that at least two poles in that area, which has the second highest number of complaints in the City of falling street poles, were removed.

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