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    How to Avoid and Handle Breaches in Your Data

    Find out if you have case
    Posted on June 25, 2014 To

    Clifford Law Offices partner and attorney, Shannon M. McNulty gave legal advice on a variety of questions regarding breaches in data in a recent interview. She advised that if you have been notified that your account has been breached, you should check all of your payment and bank accounts. You should also contact your bank and ask them to re-issue credit or debit cards so the card numbers can be disassociated with your active account.

    “Consumers should be careful of which retailers they allow to have access to their personal information,” McNulty states. Even if you have not been notified with a breach, she encourages reading the privacy policy of stores you are associated with to better understand what information is being collected of you and how long they store that information.

    The Chicago personal injury lawyer also discussed how personal data becomes compromised, who is responsible for data that has been breached, what are the grounds to file a class action lawsuit, and more. Watch the full interview and learn more about breaches in data here:

    Shannon McNulty is a personal injury lawyer and wrongful death attorney who has been at Clifford Law Offices since 2003. Previous to Clifford Law, she worked ten years with the administration of the Chicago Police Department, where she served as the Director of Administration in the Bureau of Operational Services. To learn more about McNulty, click here.