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    Bob Clifford Interviewed in Super Lawyers’ 20th Anniversary Issue

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    Posted on February 14, 2024 To
    Bob Clifford Interviewed in Super Lawyers’ 20th Anniversary Issue
    Bob Clifford on the original cover of Super Lawyers

    Robert A. Clifford on the cover of the 2005 Illinois Super Lawyers magazine

    Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, has held his position at the top of Super Lawyers® lists since the publication’s inception in 2005. On the cover of the magazine’s inaugural publication, Bob was referred to as “Chicago’s Most Likeable Tough Guy,” and he has lived up to his reputation as the lawyer who will fight for his clients until the end.

    2024 marks the 20th edition publication of the national rating service’s magazine. In celebration, the magazine highlighted the careers of five notable Chicago attorneys who have graced the pages of Super Lawyers for the past twenty years.

    Among the attorneys interviewed, Bob reflects on the growth and changes he has experienced as Chicago’s premiere personal injury lawyer, and what he sees for the future of the law and his practice.

    “I feel very fortunate to have found my calling. Throughout my legal career, I hope that I have helped many people in ways that others could not.”

    With a successful career spanning forty years, Bob has reached notoriety as a leading lawyer in the Chicago area through his drive and commitment to building a better community. He has built a reputation for not only protecting the rights of those impacted by serious and life-changing events due to the negligence of others but also finding ways to give back to the Chicago community. In 2024, Bob was ranked the #1 lawyer in the state of Illinois by Super Lawyers® “Top 10: 2024 Illinois Super Lawyers List.”

    A firm that is considered small but mighty, Bob is proud of the reputation he has built for Clifford Law Offices and its ability to take a stand against large corporations. He says adapting to technological changes over the decades is one of the biggest contributors to that success.

    “We’ve become more technology-driven on a daily basis. Certainly, technology has advanced the quality of our practice. When we go up against the big firms that have vast technology and staffing resources, we have to match that. On any single book of business, I can go toe to toe with those people.”

    Continuing education and professional development have played a key role in the success of Bob’s firm. He believes that there is always an opportunity for improvement and growth, and as the world changes, lawyers must be prepared to adapt. Clifford Law Offices sponsors an annual Continuing Legal Education Program that covers integral topics such as legal ethics and lawyer wellness. Attorneys at the firm work closely with law student education programs and mock trial teams and speak regularly at continuing legal education events.

    “There will always be a need for good trial lawyers: people who know the rules of evidence, understand the dynamics of courtroom activity, and who can prepare and present evidence through live testimony.”

    Bob Clifford Interviewed in Super Lawyers 20th Anniversary Issue

    Whether the future of trial law holds a decline in jury trials, an increase in virtual activity, or the use of AI, Bob is determined to lead his firm, prepared and ready to tackle any challenges in the future. He says, “I’m empowering several of my younger partners to help with the growth of Clifford Law and the sustainability of our firm. I’m surrounded by young people who want a future, and I’m determined to help give it to them.”