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    Bob Clifford Speaks at International Aviation Conference in Paris

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    Bob Clifford Speaks at International Aviation Conference in Paris


    Robert A. Clifford speaks on panel at international aviation conference.

    Photo courtesy of Guillaume Pinon.

    Robert A. Clifford, founder and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, spoke at the 13th Annual McGill University/PEOPIL Conference on “International Aviation: Liability, Insurance & Finance” in Paris, France.

    Clifford, who serves as Lead Counsel in the pending litigation in federal district court in Chicago regarding the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX jet in Ethiopia, spoke in late April at the two-day conference before leading judges, lawyers, and experts in the aviation field. His panel addressed “Recent Developments in Aviation Liability.”

    Robert A. Clifford addresses aviation law at PEOPIL conference.

    Photo courtesy of Guillaume Pinon.

    Clifford represents nearly 70 victims from 35 countries who lost their lives in the crash of Ethiopian Flight 302 on March 10, 2019. He has represented victims in every major commercial air crash in the United States in his four decades as a personal injury and wrongful death attorney. His reputation goes beyond U.S. borders and includes his being involved in many international aviation disasters including the Turkish Airlines crash in Amsterdam where nine people were killed and many more injured when the plane crashed upon landing into a muddy field. To view more of his accomplishments in the aviation area, click here.

    PEOPIL (Pan American Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers), a sponsor of the annual seminar, is a non-profit group dedicated to improving and promoting judicial cooperation and mutual knowledge of legal and judicial systems across Europe in the field of aviation law.

    Clifford, who has taken dozens of depositions in the ET302 crash across many countries, spoke of the most recent developments in aviation law that impact victims when negligence occurs.