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    Bob Clifford Speaks on the Importance of Filing Legitimate Personal Injury Cases

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    Posted on June 18, 2018 To

    In the June 2018 issue of Chicago Lawyer Magazine, reporter Heather Cherone wrote a story on “The Verdict on Verdicts.” In that article, her research demonstrated that, “Despite big-dollar wins, 10 years of data show median verdict amounts are stable.”

    She interviewed Robert A. Clifford for the story. She wrote, “Robert A. Clifford, the founding partner of Clifford Law Offices, said any lawyer would love to have a practice where they can pick and choose from ‘100 of the biggest and best cases,’ but that is not realistic.

    “‘Firms should be large enough to serve their clients and ensure a rewarding workplace for employees,’ Clifford said.

    “‘That means partners have to manage costs — but also take cases where there is a wrong the court system can address,’ Clifford said.

    “‘I have a strong view that lawyers have an obligation to the community to take cases where there is a legitimate claim,’ Clifford said.

    “‘Lawyers also have an obligation to tell prospective clients when they don’t have a case that merits the expense and time of litigation,’ Clifford said.

    “‘If you can tell you are going to spend $100 to get a $100 verdict, that is something you have to discuss with the client,’ Clifford said.”