Bob Clifford Speaks with Popular Radio Show Host in San Francisco about what may have happened to the Malaysia Airlines Plane | Clifford Law Offices PC
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    Bob Clifford Speaks with Popular Radio Show Host in San Francisco About What May Have Happened to the Malaysia Airlines Plane

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    Posted on March 21, 2014 To

    Bob Clifford, aviation attorney and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, again was on KKSF Radio’s “Gil Gross Show” Thursday (March 20, 2014) for more than 10 minutes discussing the fire theory of the vanishing Malaysia Airlines aircraft. He then got into why asset tracking devices are needed and criticized the airline industry for not spending the money to add them. Bob said, “You’re going to see a push for those two technologies (including deployables).” He added, “This incident will shift the discussion of modernization.” He also noted that, “The people inside the NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board] are so good that they were looking at this area of Australia from the beginning.” He then described the politics involved between various countries. Bob called for better agreements between nations. He explained that there is a big issue here about transparency. “Things seem to be moving in the right direction.” Gil suggested that cell phones will be important to recover and Bob agreed. Anyone who might have left anything on their smart phone would provide important clues as to what happened. To hear the whole conversation, click on this podcast: Bob Clifford on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370