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    Bob Clifford Talks to Several Radio Reporters on the Malaysia Airliner Disappearance

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    Posted on March 13, 2014 To

    Robert A. Clifford, senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, appeared on a number of radio shows on the West Coast –  from San Francisco to Los Angeles –  speaking about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. In particular, Mr. Clifford spoke on the issue of deployable recorder technology that he said should be on every commercial flight. The “live black box,” as it is sometimes called, would be ejected from the aircraft upon impact and remain on the top of the water, sending out an electronic signal so that rescuers could find the wreckage in minutes or hours. This type of device is used on many military aircraft today. Mr. Clifford said, “The opportunities for speculation here are endless,” when he spoke with Gil Gross, popular live radio show host KKSF in San Francisco, on this issue. Fear is a vicious thing to all of us.” A podcast of this show can be heard here:
    He also spoke to Sherry Brown at KGO Radio in San Francisco on the vanishing aircraft and the need for the deployable recorders on every flight so that families do not have to go through the terrible wait of what is happening with Malaysia Flight MH370. Mr. Clifford also spoke to the CBS radio affiliate in Los Angeles (KFWB) on March 11, 2014, with his insights that ran several times in news stories throughout the day. He also had the opportunity to speak with Chicago’s veteran reporter John Cody on the popular all-news radio station, WBBM-AM, on this subject that ran over a two-day period (March 11-12). Kevin Durkin, partner at Clifford Law Offices who has handled numerous airline crash cases in the past three decades, also spoke to radio listeners of KFBK Radio in Sacramento, California, in a live wide-ranging interview on the questions surrounding the jetliner’s disappearance.