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Brad Cosgrove’s Favorite Lawyer: Jan Schlichtmann

Bradley M CosgroveBrad Cosgrove’s favorite lawyer is American lawyer Jan Schlichtmann. The movie A Civil Action portrays the true story of Jan (played by John Travolta) going against two large companies related with the environmental pollution that occurred in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the 1980’s.

This is Brad’s favorite quote from the film:

“Lawsuits are war, it’s as simple as that and they begin the same way the declaration: the compliant, when you’re a small firm and they’re a big one steep in history and wealth as they always are, with their Persian carpets on the floor and their Harvard diplomas hanging on the wall, it’s easy to be intimidated, don’t be, that’s what they want, that’s what they expect, like all bullies that’s how they win, I don’t run away from bullies.”