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    Brad Cosgrove’s Verdict Named #1 in Illinois this Year

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    Posted on November 17, 2014 To

    The National Law Journal has featured Bradley Cosgrove’s $14 million verdict involving the inappropriate prescription of Yasmin as the number one verdict in Illinois in 2014. It also represents the top 40th verdict in the country, according to the publication. Zapalski v. Resurrection Health Care Corp. involved a two-week trial against a doctor who negligently prescribed Yasmin to a 37-year-old woman who suffered a debilitating stroke after taking it for less than two weeks. She now requires round-the-clock care. Sarah King, associate at the firm, second chaired the trial that took place in April and partner Susan Capra prepared the case for trial. Cosgrove reached a $2.5 million settlement in the same case about a month before trial against the hospital involved, Resurrection Medical Center.