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    Kristofer S. Riddle

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    $6.825M – Kristofer S. Riddle & Nicholas T. Motherway

    Plaintiff died due to catastrophic injuries suffered from a three-story fall down an elevator shaft.

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    $250K – Craig J. Squillace & Kristofer S. Riddle

    A 14-year-old girl died after the truck, in which she was a passenger, was struck by a vehicle that ran a stop sign. (Policy Limits)

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    $2M – Kevin P. Durkin & Kristofer S. Riddle

    A 32-year-old man sustained severe spinal cord injuries due to a diving accident. (Policy Limits)

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    $56.78M – Robert A. Clifford & Kristofer S. Riddle

    Clifford Law Offices represented several adults and minor passengers that were injured, and one wrongful death, aboard a speeding Amtrak Train 501 that derailed outside DuPont, Washington.
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    $17M – Robert A. Clifford, Kristofer S. Riddle

    Following a two week trial, a $17 million verdict was awarded to three plaintiffs who suffered multiple physical, mental and emotional injuries when an Amtrak train, travelling at an excessive speed, derailed onto Interstate 5 in Tacoma, Washington. Click here to read more about the case.
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    $338K – Kristofer S. Riddle

    A 64-year-old man from out of town was traveling in a cab in Chicago that crashed on I-55, causing multiple broken bones.
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    $250M – Robert A. Clifford & Kristofer S. Riddle

    Plaintiffs alleged that State Farm violated federal law by improperly influencing the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to reverse a pending judgment. Click here to learn more.
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    $200K – Kristofer S. Riddle

    Semi-tractor trailer stopped on the freeway, causing a 37-year-old man to crash.
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    $139K – Kristofer S. Riddle, Robert A. Clifford

    A 16-year-old was exposed to cancer causing agents in water.
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