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    Richard F. Burke, Jr.

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    $11M – Richard F. Burke & Joseph T. Murphy

    A child was killed and two other occupants seriously injured when the car they were riding in was rear-ended by another vehicle.

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    $500K – Richard F. Burke

    A 31-year-old man suffered a skull fracture and brain bleed when he was struck by an errant tee shot at a golf outing.

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    $3M – Richard F. Burke & Robert A. Clifford

    A 57-year-old female struck her head on a hard floor after she fell backward from an office chair which had an unstable design that caused it to tip unexpectedly, resulting in a brain bleed and death.

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    $1.125M – Richard F. Burke, Jr.

    A 56-year-old male suffered extensive injuries and required multiple debridement procedures, due to nursing home and medical negligence resulting from a failure to timely respond to signs of acute bacterial infection.
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    $500K – Richard F. Burke, Jr.

    A 38-year-old female sustained multiple injuries when the vehicle, in which she was a passenger, was struck by a truck.
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    $1.4M – Richard F. Burke

    A seventh grade girl was subjected to multiple instances of sexual misconduct during an afterschool program, resulting in significant emotional distress.
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    $450K – Richard F. Burke, Jr.

    A 64-year-old man suffered a perforated small bowel during a gallbladder removal procedure resulting in sepsis.
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    $150K – Richard F. Burke, Jr.

    The plaintiff suffered a broken leg when he fell down an outside auditorium staircase after attending a function.
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    $650.5K – Richard F. Burke, Jr.

    A minor plaintiff suffered severe road rash, requiring skin graft surgery, when she was a passenger in a golf cart that overturned.
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