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    $3.5M – James C. Pullos & Shannon M. McNulty

    Plaintiffs alleged sexual abuse on behalf of resident at an assisted living facility.
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    $34.75M – Shannon M. McNulty

    Plaintiff's purchased Proline Casement windows which were defectively designed, leading to premature rotting of the windows. Allegedly, defendants concealed the flawed condition of the windows from the consumers for decades.
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    $140K – Shannon M. McNulty

    Plaintiffs while en route to grandchild's school is struck by the defendant driver who disobeyed a red light.
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    $16.5M – Robert A. Clifford, Shannon M. McNulty

    A 69-year-old former coach and high school teacher is erroneously prescribed incorrect dosage of long-acting insulin following heart transplant and suffers hypoglycemia-induced encephalopathy and cognitive diminishment requiring life-long care.
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    $220K – Shannon M. McNulty

    Bake shop worker slipped on freezer floor that was installed with an inadequate slip resistant coating.
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    $6.5M – Shannon M. McNulty, Robert A. Clifford

    Wrongful death of a 35-year-old husband and father after a failure to timely diagnose an aortic dissection, failure to administer a CT scan, and a failure to observe and follow up on abnormal findings present on chest x-ray administered in emergency room. Click here to read more about the case.
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    $2.9M – Shannon M. McNulty

    Wrongful death case of student fatally stabbed by another student.
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    $156K – Shannon M. McNulty

    Driver rear-ended in collision at shopping mall results in herniation of disks in back.
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    $1M – Shannon M. McNulty

    Two police officers suffered fatal injuries when their professionally guided boat capsized while on a hunting expedition in Canada.
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