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    $500K – Richard F. Burke

    A 31-year-old man suffered a skull fracture and brain bleed when he was struck by an errant tee shot at a golf outing.

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    $3M – Richard F. Burke & Robert A. Clifford

    A 57-year-old female struck her head on a hard floor after she fell backward from an office chair which had an unstable design that caused it to tip unexpectedly, resulting in a brain bleed and death.

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    $6.825M – Kristofer S. Riddle & Nicholas T. Motherway

    Plaintiff died due to catastrophic injuries suffered from a three-story fall down an elevator shaft.

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    $212K – Craig J. Squillace

    A 43-year-old woman sustained thoracic outlet syndrome as a result of the doors of a shuttle bus closing on her arm as she was boarding with her rolling suitcase.

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    $2.6M – Robert A. Clifford

    An electrician was electrocuted and died working on a construction site due to an exposed and energized panel Plaintiff alleged he was required to work on.

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    $2M – Kevin P. Durkin & Kristofer S. Riddle

    A 32-year-old man sustained severe spinal cord injuries due to a diving accident. (Policy Limits)

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    $475K – Bradley M. Cosgrove & Charles R. Haskins

    A 68-year-old male sustained a head injury and occipital neuralgia after he was dropped out of the back of a van which was transporting him to physical therapy.

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    $4.067M – Robert A. Clifford

    A 64-year-old warehouse worker sustained a hip fracture, that resulted in two surgeries when he was struck by a forklift.

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    $475K – Robert A. Clifford

    A 25-year-old man suffered a concussion and head laceration due to a non-operating escalator that presented hazards to pedestrians.

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