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    Posted on April 17, 2015 To

    Another Tragic Grain Bin Incident – Four Men Injured in Northwest Indiana

    Four men reportedly were injured when a grain bin in northwest Indiana exploded. Media reports indicate that a powerful blast in a grain elevator in LaCrosse, Indiana, injured four men Thursday (April 16, 2015) about 9 a.m. Residents as far as 15 miles away reported they could hear the blast in the 175-foot-tall bin and some even felt their houses shake like an earthquake, according to media reports. The blast blew out large holes on…

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    Posted on March 14, 2015 To

    General Motors Settles Initial Case on Faulty Car Ignition Switches

    As General Motors reportedly settled the first case that brought the world’s attention to the problem of its car ignition switches, yet another case reportedly has been filed that is linked to this problem. GM Ignition Switch Linked to Another Death, Jessica Taylor was driving home for Labor Day when her car left the road and flipped several times. Evidence surfaced last year that her car to the GM ignition switch failure that has already…

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    Posted on March 9, 2015 To

    Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm

    Clifford Law Offices, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a top-ranked personal injury law firm serving victims and their families nationwide. We provide a glossary of legal terminology on our website to provide a general understanding of legal definitions in the areas in which our firm practices. Personal Injury: When a person is wrongfully injured by the negligent or intentional conduct of a wrongdoer. Our law firm practice areas include personal injury, medical malpractice, hospital negligence…

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    Posted on February 4, 2014 To

    Seatbelt Redesign is Critical for the Safety of a Bigger America

    A new study conducted by medical researchers at the Buffalo campus of the State University of New York system has concluded that obesity is responsible for a lack of seatbelt usage that greatly increases the risk of fatality for individuals already living with obesity. Sounding eerily similar to conclusions drawn by a team of researchers looking into the redesign of airplane seatbelts for larger occupants, the team leader, Dr. Dietrich Jehle, is calling for immediate…

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    Posted on May 13, 2013 To

    5 Things to Do When Personal Injury Occurs

    When a personal injury occurs – whether it is from an auto, work, property or other type of accident – it can be emotionally taxing on the individuals involved. It is also one of the most crucial times to gather evidence in the event you need to file a lawsuit. Here are five things to do in case of personal injury: Seek medical treatment – Even if you don’t feel any pain at the onset,…

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