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Clifford Law Files Lawsuit Against MLB and Chicago Cubs on Behalf of Man Blinded in Left Eye by Line Drive Foul Ball

Clifford Law Offices filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Chicago Cubs on behalf of a Schaumburg man who permanently lost the sight in his left eye when a foul ball came screaming off the bat of a hitter at the August 29th Pittsburgh Pirates game at Wrigley Field.

John “Jay” Loos, 60, was injured as he sat in a seat close to the field. The complaint was filed in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago. He was hit by a foul ball hit at a speed of as much as 100 mph. The complaint also alleges that more than 1,700 fans are injured by baseballs entering the stands at high rates of speed.

1BFE67DD-4357-4BBC-8F0A-555F2EFE2357 copy.jpgJay Loos at Cubs game with daughter Emma before he was struck in the face by foul ball.

The incident is another in a number of recent horrific injuries in ball parks across the country for fans who are sitting in areas where netting is not in place. It was recently reported that a little girl, not quite two years old who was sitting in her grandfather’s lap, was struck in the face by a line drive ball at a New York Yankees game September 20th and suffered facial fractures, bleeding of the brain and vision impairment. Yankees third baseman, Todd Frazier who hit the ball, took a knee and removed his helmet in a hushed stadium as the little girl was carried out of the game to the hospital. It was estimated that the foul ball was traveling at about 105 mph.

loos-cubs-lawsuit.jpgJay with sons Adam and Eric at the game.

It is reported that the Cubs and the Yankees management are looking into extending the netting around a larger portion of the field, particularly along the first and third base lines.

A press conference was held on October 9th. To watch, visit https://livestream.com/CLO/october092017

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