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Clifford Law Offices Attorneys Represent Plaintiff in PNC Bank Gap Fees Class Action Lawsuit

Vincent I. Ratulowski, represented by Clifford Law Offices attorneys Robert Clifford and Shannon McNulty, filed a class-action lawsuit on January 7, 2022, against PNC Bank claiming the bank has breached its contract by keeping unearned Guaranteed Automobile Protection fees.

Ratulowski’s lawsuit alleges that PNC knowingly keeps millions of dollars in fees every year even when customers have paid off their financial agreements early. Under current law, when a customer pays off his/her auto contract early, the bank must forfeit fees that no longer apply. Instead, the bank refused to refund customers for those collected fees even though they were contractually obligated to do so.

The class action states, “At the time of the early payoff, PNC charges customers for GAP coverage through the original end date of the finance agreement, even though the contracts are being paid off early.”

Ratulowski has requested a jury trial in an effort to receive declaratory and injunctive relief, along with damages including restitution and disgorgement of unearned GAP fees for himself and all other class action members.

Did PNC fail to refund your fees after you paid off your auto financial agreement early? Contact our experienced attorneys at Clifford Law Offices to find out what steps you can take to join this class action lawsuit. Call (312) 625-6192 or fill out our online form to speak to one of our attorneys.