Clifford Law Offices' Client to Run Boston Marathon in Honor Of Martin Richard | Clifford Law Offices PC
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    Clifford Law Offices’ Client to Run Boston Marathon in Honor of Martin Richard

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    Posted on April 8, 2014 To

    Former Clifford Law Office client, Molly Akers, will run this year’s Boston Marathon in honor of Martin Richard, who tragically died from injuries sustained during the bombings one year ago. Akers, along with best friend and avid runner Samantha Kirkham, were named as Foundation Ambassadors for MARTIN W. RICHARD CHARITABLE FOUNDATION and inaugural members of Team MR8 for The Boston Marathon 2014. Through her own ordeal, Akers knows first hand how important it is reminding people what happens to them matters and has since struck up a friendship with the Richards’ camp after reaching out after the horrific attacks. “The only reason I started running was because I needed something to do after my own ordeal. My best friend Sam convinced me to go for a run and I’ve not stopped since. Watching what happened last year in Boston was a helpless feeling, but seeing the picture of Martin holding a sign “No more hurting people, PEACE,” made Sam and I realize we had to do something. So, we reached out and heard back! We wanted them to know people cared and what happened to Martin mattered. I can’t change what happened to me, but I can change how I live and I know now how important to not be afraid to be a voice for someone.” In 2005, Clifford Law Offices filed a claim on Akers’ behalf stemming from an incident when she had a healthy breast removed by an Illinois hospital. The Illinois surgeon removed her right breast allegedly because hospital employees mislabeled the pathology specimen of another patient who was reported to have cancer. Akers did not have breast cancer. Akers’ lawsuit was instrumental in the fight against capping non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases in Illinois. According to Akers, medical malpractice can have devastating effects on victims well beyond the physical injuries they suffer. While Akers was recovering, she went down to Springfield, Illinois, to speak with state legislators about the unfairness in caps on damages in medical malpractice cases. The law ultimately was found unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court. Click Here To Contribute To Molly’s Fundraising Page!